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What Makes the Best NBN Provider Stand Out From the Rest

by Byrne Anderson
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With everybody entailing the need to make the NBN network switch in the near future, it is necessary to scope out the available NBN providers in your area. This is for you to be prepared once you get a notification that you can already make the switch because the NBN network in your locality is already available. In line with this, below are some important qualities that make awesome NBN providers stand out from the rest.


Accredited NBN providers stand out from the rest because they carry proof that can vouch that they adhere to the standards imposed by the regulating bodies or the National Broadband Service. The standards encompass their duty to fulfil their promises when it comes to the bandwidth and speed they advertise, as well as the reliability of the connection they need to uphold. This is one of the primary reasons why you should always verify whether the provider that you intend to deal with has the proper accreditation or certifications.


Another factor that makes a provider stand out from their competitors is their reputation. The best NBN provider will surely have a proven track record when it comes to the internet service connection they offer to their subscribers. You will have a good idea about the reputation of a provider by visiting their official website where you will see the number of years they have been in the business.

Some providers dedicate a section on their website to accommodate and display the reviews of their current customers and previous subscribers. Otherwise, you can refer to dedicated review pages to have a good insight into the reputation of a certain provider. You will find that the one that stands out has an established reputation as proven by the positive reviews and feedback from their clients, which significantly outnumbers the negative ones if any at all.

Customer Service Rating

The NBN providers that stand out from the rest often have five-star ratings when it comes to customer service feedback. This means that they are responsive in terms of addressing any issues that their clients encounter with their connection. In this case, their prompt response makes their customers feel that they are not neglected and that someone from the company is rightfully addressing their concerns.

More often than not, providers garner their five-star ratings from highly satisfied customers too. This means that the issues they have raised were also resolved and that they did not have to spend a significant downtime waiting for the solution for their troubles. As much as possible, go for an NBN provider with a high star rating in terms of their customer service because how they respond to their customers will also be beneficial for you in the long run.

Plans and Pricing

  • Speed

Some of the best NBN providers often preferred by more subscribers are those that offer a variety of plans to accommodate the varying needs of their clients, at a reasonable cost. Some providers have plans in the different speed tiers starting from the basic to the fast ones. Thereby, their customers have the option to choose from NBN2, NBN50, or NBN100 to name a few. To cater to those with an ultimate need for extremely fast speed, there are even providers that design plans under the NBN250, or the superfast speed tier.

  • Bandwidth

Aside from the different plans that offer varying speed options to cater to the specific needs of their customers, the providers that stand out also make it a point to create a plan that will offer unlimited data or bandwidth for those who need it the most. In this way, users who love to stream shows incessantly or play online games frequently won’t have to constantly monitor their data usage.

  • Bundles

Other plans come with certain packages or bundles that prove to be ideal for certain users. For instance, some users find an internet plan with a cable service a good deal because, in this way, the amount they need to pay for both services is reduced. This is also true for users who prefer to have a plan that is bundled with a phone line that is essential for their business.

Aside from the plan variety, an NBN provider that offers the most reasonable price for their plans surely stands out from their competitors.

To wrap things up, make sure that you only deal with accredited NBN providers when you make a switch in the future. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to exert the extra effort to research the reputation of the provider based on the reviews of their previous customers and current subscribers. Also, make sure to check the customer service review rating of the NBN provider you are considering before you scope out their available plans and pricing. With all these in mind, you will surely identify the provider that stands out from the rest.

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