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How to Use Animation in Digital Marketing

by Byrne Anderson
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Every business owner should always be thinking of different ways to promote their business. Because of how competitive the business world has become, businesses have to think of new and creative ways to do so to reach people who are constantly bombarded with adverts and marketing messaging. Animation can help you engage with your audience uniquely while making your brand more memorable. If you are not already using animations as part of your digital marketing strategy, this article aims to show you how to do so.

Use Animation for Masterful Storytelling

Brand loyalty typically grows out of making a genuine connection with your audience and customers. Masterful storytelling can help you make these connections. You can use it to tell your brand’s story, share heart-warming stories, share your values, and a lot more.

When you use animation like this, you sidestep the selling that most people expect and instead create a strong connection and relationship that makes people want to be associated with and buy from your business.

You also build trust and a memorable brand at the same time, both of which you can capitalise on down the road.

Create Animated Explainers

Sometimes people want to understand your products and services before making a purchase decision. A talking head video might work, but that has been done so many times that it has become cliché.

A video is a great way to help explain your product while demonstrating it at the right time. When done right, animation can catch people’s attention, helping them learn more about your products and services while also understanding their value better.

The best part about all this is that these explainer animations can live anywhere on your digital platforms and assets. You can use them on landing pages, social media, email campaigns and so much more.

To ensure they are done right and are effective, businesses need to hire animators who can bring the ideas a business has to life. Businesses should consider getting their animators dedicated animation machines so they can work faster and produce better results.

Allowing animators to work at the speed of creativity by getting them Lenovo desktops for animation instead of being bottlenecked by their tools will work best for businesses in the long term.

Demonstrate the Positive Impact Your Business Has

In addition to telling your story, you should also use animations to show the positive impact your business is having.

This can be done by ensuring the animation relates to people’s daily lives as much as possible. If people can see how your business will positively impact their lives, they are much more likely to engage with it.

Remember that the animations that work best in this regard use additional elements like music and choice of angles to set the tone for the story being told. The story told in these types of animations can be subtle or extravagant depending on what the business is going for.

Animations are still underutilised in the realm of digital marketing. Help your brand, its product, and services as well as its messaging stand out by using eye-catching, well-designed animations.

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