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Ways To Make Your Presentations More Interactive

by Byrne Anderson
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Presentations are the language of the corporate world. If you are working in a company and want to present your idea to the company, it needs to be in the form of a presentation. Therefore, you need to learn how to make an interactive presentation. Here are some tips that will help you make your presentations more interactive.

Find The Right Icebreaker

The start of the meeting can be a little awkward for people as sometimes they do not know what the meeting is about or they do not know the speaker. Therefore, you should start the presentation with an icebreaker so you can ask them about their day or ask any other interesting live questions during presentation. These questions will ensure that attendees find themselves involved in the sessions. You can have different kinds of ice breakers, such as funny, silly, or even thought-provoking ones, depending on the type of presentation you are delivering.

Keep It Straightforward

You should always try to keep your presentation clean and ensure that everyone is getting what you are explaining. Try not to twist details and make them very complex to grasp. Use simple language which can be easily understood. Moreover, keep the room open for questions. This will make sessions more interactive, and they will get their doubt cleared during the session.

Try not to stuff too much information in the presentation and say what is needed. Presentations with a lot of information distract the audience, who either do not listen or get into their phones most of the time.

Ask Questions

Presentations should also include questions that the audience has to answer. You can use online tools to generate questions on your topic. This question-answer session will engage the audience and make them feel connected to the room. Polls and word clouds are the best ways to ask questions, as these are simple and straightforward ways to collect answers.  Furthermore, you can also gain information from the audience, which will make your presentation more fruitful.

Humour Is Must

The best way to make someone comfortable in your presentation is to include humor. We have all heard that learning with fun has helped students all around the world to retain  information in a better way. Humour will also lighten the mood and make the audience more comfortable with you.

Use Gestures

Body language plays an important role in public speaking and if you are presenting something to an audience, try to work on your body language. Use gestures to make a connection with your audience. This will make you look confident, and the audience will engage with you too. Move around the stage if you are giving an offline session, and try to keep a smile on your face so that people around you feel comfortable.

These are some of the tips that you can use to make your presentations interactive. And if you are unsure which software you can use to make questions for your sessions, do get in touch with Votemo.

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