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PestPro Thermal Heat Treatments: What’s So Great about Them

by Byrne Anderson
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When bed bugs get into your home, getting rid of them is extremely difficult. They have behavioral patterns that help them avoid extermination attempts and adaptive physiology that lets them produce insecticide-resistant offspring. Howe, bed heat bug treatments from PestPro Thermal are available to fight these natural defense mechanisms.

Keep reading to know the reasons heat treatments can effectively these unwanted insects:

Heat Treatments Get into their Hiding Places

Bed bugs tend to move quickly and run to a hiding place when they sense a threat. Their hiding place is often deep inside a wall void or a piece of furniture. However, heat treatment will get into these hiding places as heat radiates. Bugs cannot hide when an entire house is brought up to 120 degrees F.

Heat Treatments Targets the Entire Home

A lot of pest control measures can leave a false sense of security in terms of combating bed bugs. Bed bugs can get into hiding for months without eating. Thus, they could bite you again after trying to plague them before. But, with a heat treatment, you don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of the treatment as it targets your entire home. It ensures all bed bugs in the house are dead.

They Kill Bed Bugs that Resist Insecticides

As bed bugs develop, they shed their skin five times. When exposed to pesticides during the growth process, they can develop a skin that is more resistant to these pesticides. In fact, the bugs can have more resistant offspring, which can create issues when trying to eliminate using just pesticides. And because bed bugs are hitchhiking, they could have been exposed to pesticides somewhere else. Thus, getting rid of them can be harder than eradicating normal bed bugs.  Fortunately, heat treatments kill pesticide-resistant bed bugs as easily as those without resistance. Every bed bug dies when they overheat.

They are a Natura and Quick Process

Heat treatments for bed bugs are a natural process. You don’t have to worry about leftover residuals, gas release, and environmental impacts. They kill bed bugs in hours. Although chemicals can effectively and safely eliminate bed bugs, using them requires follow-up visits and re-retreatments. But, a heat treatment treats a bed bug infestation in a few hours on a certain day. And because you will just be gone from your home for a few hours, you don’t need to worry about spending money on a hotel.

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