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Sexual Abuse in New York and the Importance of Hiring a Sexual Abuse Attorney

by Byrne Anderson
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When your child gets abused sexually, there will be a mixture of anger and pain. As a parent, you might be thinking of taking the matter into your own hands.

But remember that your child can be going through trauma because of sexual abuse, and thinking of revenge might worsen things.

While perpetrators of sexual abuse shouldn’t go scot-free, it is best to take the legal step and enlist the help of an attorney in New York who specializes in sexual abuse.

What It Means By Sexual Abuse

In general, sexual abuse is any sexual harassment or act to degrade or humiliate another person.

According to New York’s laws, every abuser or perpetrator should be punished, whether the abuse is against a minor or an adult.

But child sex abuse is common, especially in churches. In fact, some Catholic clergies have been accused of abusing minors and young adults.

Although some Catholic churches protect their leaders and even cover up the act, with help from a New York clergy abuse attorney, many victims are coming forward and seeking justice and compensation they deserve.

Forms of Sexual Assault/Abuse

Sexual abuse can happen in various ways. Some of the common forms of sexual abuse are included and discussed below:

1.      Overt Visual Abuse

It might constitute abuse when a person is exposed forcibly to explicit sexual ideology and images. Good examples include:

  • Witnessing a sexual act
  • Exhibitionism
  • Improper dressing at home or work
  • Flashing
  • Sexting

2.      Covert Abuse

This normally happens without the knowledge of the victim. Whenever a person follows another individual, stalks them on Facebook, observes them privately, and takes their pictures, this can be regarded as sexual abuse.

Abusers get sexual satisfaction from doing this. At times, this can escalate to what is called cyber sexual harassment.

3.      Physical Abuse

This type of sexual abuse may include unwanted contact like molestation, tickling, touching, kissing, and even rape.

4.      Verbal Abuse

Sexual abuse is very common in the workplace. However, it mostly happens online, in some social institutions, and even at home.

For instance, when a person uses written or verbal words to convey unwanted sexual content, it may constitute this kind of sexual abuse.

So, What Should You Do? Hire an Attorney

There are many reasons why hiring an experienced and skilled sexual abuse attorney in New York is imperative. Based on the case’s nature, there can be intensive approaches.

In some cases, victims can even be put in jail for not contacting the right authorities immediately. Plus, there could be a possibility that the accused can be sentenced to many years.

The act of sexual abuse or rape is a very serious matter, and it is necessary to enlist the help of an attorney. Your sexual abuse attorney will not just investigate the matter. He/she will also help with:

  • Civil and criminal cases
  • Filing the case on time

Concluding Remarks!

Being a sexual abuse victim is a serious issue. Even when the event happened many years ago, the impacts may still linger on to hinder the psychological, emotional, and emotional development of a child. So if your child has been assaulted sexually, then it is time to hold the abusers responsible for what they did by filing a lawsuit with a good lawyer’s help.

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