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10 FAQs you need to ask before hiring an SEO Agency for your business

by Byrne Anderson
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Hiring SEO Services is now an essential strategy for businesses who wish to improve their online visibility. Business owners have to run their operations and can’t afford to spend time learning SEO and keeping track of their website.

SEO services in Australia are readily available through reliable consultants. One needs to be careful and filter out the unreliable ones while on a lookout. We have compiled a list of ten questions for you to ask an SEO agency before hiring them; it will make your hunt easy.

SEO Services: 10 FAQs You Need to Ask

Can I see your client list?

Any reputed company providing SEO Services will never hesitate to share their list of former and current clients with their contact information. Check out what these clients have to say about the company, and you will get a good idea.

How can your services improve my website ranking?

Although, most of the SEO consultants won’t give deep insight into their methods make sure that their proposal includes a technical review of your website specifying current issues and their solutions.

Do you follow search engines’ webmaster guidelines strictly?

12 common SEO tricks are prohibited by Google publicly through its webmaster best practices. You won’t want to work with someone who doesn’t adhere to Google’s guidelines.

Can you guarantee that my website will get the number one rank in search engines?

If any agency answers with a ‘Yes’, then drop it from the list immediately. Reputed SEO services firm will never make such a promise.

Can you improve local search results?

If you are a small business owner, you will need to get a good rank in localised research to reach prospective customers.

Will you share the changes you make on my website?

SEO consultants usually have to make changes to the site’s coding, and you should know what kind of changes are being made. Ask your consultant if they will share the ‘How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?’ information or not.

Do you use the latest SEO tools for website optimisation?

Advanced tools are always preferable when it comes to the best SEO service. So make sure that the prospective consultant is up to date in these sections.

Can you please help me with an estimated price quote?

It is the most common yet important question as you will need to compare the price quotes given by different consultants.

How often will you be available for communication?

Each consultant has its way of providing client service. Make sure that you choose a consultant who believes in active and regular communication.

Who will own the optimised content of the website when the contract ends?

You must have all the ownership rights of the optimised content provided by the consultant during the contract period. The consultant should have no right to remove any content from the website after the contract period.

These are the top questions you must ask every SEO consultant you meet before handing them over your website.

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