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How to Engage a Digital Agency in Singapore – Where to find them?

by Byrne Anderson
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Engaging a Digital Agency is not an easy task, it’s a huge decision and needs a thorough investigation of the agencies that you have chosen.

Singapore is saturated with Digital Agencies which makes it really difficult to pick one as one is better than the other but it is being said that Digital Agencies in Singapore have been using unfair means to undermine their clients and to receive benefits or perks that were not first agreed with their Clients.

However, this doesn’t mean every digital agency is a bad egg, there are good and bad everywhere.

Since engaging or hiring a Digital Agency can be a rough and tough thing to do, if you take into account the unfair means many agencies in Singapore do.

We have therefore put together some points or tips that are definitely going to help you when you are looking to engage a digital agency.

These points or tips should be in your mind and check them out while on the hunt for the best digital agency in Singapore for you.


In today’s world and probably every time, nothing can be done without research. If you are getting a gadget you have your own research about the goods and bads of the gadget. If you have a new fashion taste, you look out for the things that the fashion item might have that could make you uncomfortable. Everything today is pure Research.

In the case of engaging a digital marketing agency you also need to do a complete research of the agency. You have to become friends with Google as if he isn’t already.

You have to find out first the core competence of the agency and what they are good at and look for someone that has worked with the company before as a client and has experience of working with them as a client. This can be done either by looking at reviews or by asking around and getting to know about the agency via word of mouth which is usually the best way to know about an SEM agency in Singapore.

Further, look for their social media handles or their website and evaluate them. This evaluation of their handles and website is very critical to hiring the agency. The reason being if their handles or website seem outdated then you have to move forward and not look at the agency again, because agencies need to be on the top when it comes to SEO agencies. If they can’t manage to keep their handles and website up to date then they definitely can’t have your business or page optimised.

2.Digital Marketing needs to be up to date

This is one of the core and main reasons that you actually need to look forward and you need to find out whether the said agency is up to date regarding the SEO practices currently prevailing in the industry.

Algorithms of the social media websites or any other major website keep on changing and changing, they change their algorithms for ranking and optimisation of the websites so that a monopoly isn’t created and everyone can have a shot at optimising their content and website.
This means that if the Agency is not up to date regarding the prevailing SEO practices in the industry then the said agency should not be looked upon ever again.

But the question is how would you, being a layman, know what are the current practices? This is a good question and can be understood by doing a little research of your own. You can always surf the web and understand SEO and much of it but if you can’t understand the technicalities then you can visit a friend of yours and ask them and even then you can’t understand the concept and the terms, you can ask the agency to write them down for you along with the technicalities and then you can ask around.
If they aren’t up to date then it’s a big No and you can’t go to the Agency ever again.

3.A Nice SEO Agency has a better Build

One of the core aspects of SEO is presenting the content in a neat, attractive, and clear way. If you can’t have that then even if your content and website are optimised, you won’t get traffic that stays around enough to give you an order or two or a client.
So, the design and build are imperative for SEO. In the same way, if an SEO agency in Singapore has a website that isn’t made like it should be or like what an SEO agency should have like then there is a high chance that those agencies are not the right ones for anyone, not for you, not for anyone.

There are some of the things that you need to consider when looking out for an SEO agency in Singapore which are-

  • Web design template.
  • Website hosting service.
  • Their Branding.
  • Digital and inbound marketing services.
  • Their usage of Video, visuals, and graphics.
  • Their Copywriting expertise.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Marketing of Social Media.
  • Their Public Relations and Community Growth.
  • Digital Marketing Analytics.

You might say that these are a lot and a layman like you wouldn’t understand how to look for these factors in an agency. You’re right and the solution to this problem is knowing and seeing a different blend of professionals working in their respective core competencies in the agency. Say for example, if an agency has a couple of employees and the two employees do every aspect of the SEO process then it is highly likely that the two employees might be experts in one or two fields of the SEO process but they can not be experts of the whole process. It’s now how we humans are built, so it is then, therefore, important to understand and know how many employees are working and in what divisions. If you are satisfied then that agency might be a good one for you.

4.Some of the things that you have to look out for, considered as Red Flags

When you are visiting a Digital Marketing Agency, there are some things or some red flags that you need to look out for and check out. If these red flags are present then you probably shouldn’t hire these guys as your SEO Agency in Singapore.

If the agency makes blank statements or gives you guarantees then it is not the one for you. The agency might even get your page or website ranked, even in the first place but if they guarantee it then no, that’s not the one for you. Optimisation business doesn’t work like that and the ones in it understand the nuances of their business.

Also if the agency can’t explain to you in layman’s words what ranking for keywords means and if their metrics can convert into leads or business then you shouldn’t probably hand over the job of optimisation to that agency. Because the agency or their employees can not itself understand what the complexities of Optimisation are and if they can’t make those understand to a person who has no idea about what optimisation is or what their technical terms are then there is a high chance that the employees or the agency do not know itself.

You also need to look at their pricing and compare them with others. If they are reasonable and in the same bracket as others then it’s fine but if they are not then even if the low price is lucrative and intriguing because we get to spend little, you still should not give your task or job of optimisation to the said agency. The reason being every business and their competitor know how much does it cost for a service to provide and how do they earn or take profit from the service and when it comes to digital services, everything needs to be almost equivalent in the market and amongst other agencies having similar price tags and another agency has a price tag that’s a lot slower than the rest then you should know there’s a red flag.

These are some of the things, points, or tips that you need to look out for when you are looking for a digital agency in Singapore to do your optimization work.

We hope that you find the right digital agency for yourself in Singapore and may this content be the guiding light for you. Thank you for reading 🙂





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