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The Guide That Makes Creating a Digital Marketing Funnel Simple

by Byrne Anderson
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Funnels might seem like another buzzword, but take away the trendy labels, and what remains is something rather coveted. A repeatable and straightforward way to get quality business leads.

The cynic in you might wonder if that is possible. After all, if it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Well, in reality, many companies do operate in this way. Some online businesses are thriving using simple but powerful digital sales funnels. So now is the time to hop on board.

Here is our complete guide to get you started with your first digital marketing funnel.

First, Know Your Goals

Before you start building your first conversion funnel, you must establish your core marketing goals. You can use this to measure the success of your funnel later.

Here are some prompts to help you figure out your marketing goal:

  • More website traffic
  • More email subscribers
  • More telephone leads
  • More eCommerce sales
  • Increase average order value for new/existing customers
  • Increase brand awareness

Once you know your main funnel goal, it’s time to start building your funnel.

Create a Simple Signup

The majority of digital marketing funnels begin life with a simple signup page. That is a dedicated landing page showcasing your brand, with an offer and a signup box.

Most commonly, the signup box will be a single field to capture the lead’s email address and no more. Sometimes you might want to add a secondary box with a first name field.

This page is all about converting as many visitors as possible.

Remove other distractions from the page (website menu, social media buttons, product information). Stick to the main task at hand: getting the visitor to enter their email address.

Write Copy That Will Catch the Eye

In the online world, persuasion comes courtesy of compelling marketing copy. In other words, dedicate your time and effort to writing an attention-grabbing headline on your funnel landing page.

Use action words, and frame your copy regarding how your landing page offer will benefit the audience.

As your visit continues through your funnel and into your email autoresponder, keep working on writing copy that will capture attention and convert that lead into a new customer.

Smooth Sailing With Thorough Testing

A digital marketing funnel is a journey for your customer. Think of it as a path you are illuminating, taking them from unfamiliar visitors to loyal, paying customers.

To get your funnel working effectively, every part of that path needs to take that visitor to the next part of their journey. It has to convert well.

To get each aspect of the funnel to convert, you must test. Test your conversation rate when people sign up, when they open that first marketing email, when they click on a marketing link and when they buy.

The more you test these touchpoints, the better your overall conversation rate for the end-to-end funnel. Learn more about improving conversation rates at the CRO agency

The Right Digital Marketing Funnel Can Transform Your Business

There are few marketing methods as powerful as a high-converting digital marketing funnel.

By taking the time to create and test a professional funnel with snappy marketing copy, you can help transform your business’s prospects and boost online sales.

If you are ready to keep learning, explore more tips and tricks for your online business now by browsing the latest articles in our marketing section.

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