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OSHA Inspections and What to Expect

by Byrne Anderson
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The safety of employees on construction sites is extremely important, which is why all construction sites must follow OSHA regulations.

Some states do have their own safety regulations in place, but all sites must also follow federal Occupational Safety and Health Association standards. These standards are enforced with regular OSHA inspections.

Enforcing Regulations

OSHA will come out to construction sites and inspect to ensure that the company is following all safety regulations.

There are times these inspections can be unannounced, which is why all construction sites should follow OSHA protocols at all times.

OSHA Inspections

Every OSHA inspection is broken down into three parts, which include an opening conference, the walk-around inspection, and a closing conference.

The Opening Conference 

During the opening conference, the OSHA inspector will outline the reasons for this inspection. This is the time that the inspector will also review all illness and injury logs. What to expect during the inspection will also be addressed during the conference.

The Walk-Around Inspection

This is the part of the inspection where the inspector will tour the workplace. During the tour, they will take notes and photos of any hazards. All recordkeeping must follow state and federal protocols as well. Also, signs must be posted in the workplace informing employees of their rights.

The Closing Conference

The closing conference is where the inspector will discuss all of their findings. They will also give you advice on how to correct these issues. The inspector will give a deadline for when the issues need to be fixed and issue any fines.

Dealing with Citations

After the inspection, information about your violations and fines will be documented in a

Citation and Notice of Assessment.

All employees must be notified of any citations and all fines will need to be paid on time. An Employer Certification of Abatement form will be returned to you once all violations are fixed. If an extension is needed, you can file for one. If you need any advice on how to deal with an OSHA violation, you should seek the expertise of a Phoenix construction lawyer.

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