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Surviving the Pandemic: 10 Online Courses Business Managers Should Take

by Byrne Anderson
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Workplace learning is changing because of COVID-19. Online courses are now more popular than ever because of the pandemic. As business managers adapt, they are taking advantage of the many digital tools available to help improve their knowledge and skills. With that being said, this article will address some of the best topics business managers should consider learning about.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate, making it important for managers to keep up. By taking artificial intelligence online courses, you can learn more about how to utilize this technology to become more competitive, reduce costs, and boost profitability, among other benefits.

  • Digital Marketing

Some of the best online programmes to take during the pandemic are ones that cover digital marketing. Digital marketing courses will enable you to leverage technology for business success and also lay the foundation for understanding digital marketing channels and how they can help a business.

  • Change Management

During and after the pandemic, businesses will go through numerous changes and managers should therefore know how to successfully introduce these changes. From strategic thinking to effective communication, change management courses will equip managers with the necessary skills.

  • Negotiation

Effective negotiation requires being fluid and adaptive. By taking online negotiation courses, managers can learn how to bargain, create value, forge agreements, and accept defeat.

  • Business Analytics

Business managers should learn how to make sense of available data to understand its impact on business operations. By taking courses in business analytics, managers can harness the power of data and use it for making better decisions.

  • Crisis Management

Learning crisis management is essential for business continuity, especially given the challenges that are present because of COVID-19. It equips managers with knowledge on how to manage disruptive situations that can affect business outcomes.

  • Strategic Innovation

To help managers come up with a robust plan on how a business can survive the pandemic, taking a course in strategic innovation will help. This will provide managers with the skills necessary to drive innovation in the business.

  • Public Speaking

By developing public speaking skills, it will be easier for managers to be heard. It will allow managers to inspire others through their words. This can also be helpful in successful negotiations. More so, it is a great way to build confidence and encourage critical thinking.

  • Coding

For business managers who are confronted with uncertainty about their current work, taking coding courses is promising. It is a great opportunity to learn an in-demand skill. With businesses closing and laying off employees, it is a good idea to learn a new skill that will increase your value as an employee.

  • Project Management

Managing projects in the time of a pandemic requires different approaches. Continuity, sustainability, and viability are some of the most important aspects to emphasize. By taking project management courses, it is easier to deliver successful projects despite the current challenges.

From artificial intelligence to project management, this article highlighted some of the best courses business managers can take to survive a pandemic. These courses will equip managers with the core competencies needed to survive the changing business landscape.

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