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Interact Like Never Before With Virtual Escape Room Singapore

by Byrne Anderson
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Virtual Escape Rooms are commonly web-based escape studios conducted through Zoom and other programs. Throughout these activities, teams’ complete puzzles and solve a riddle in a selected amount of time, along with the aim of “escaping the room.” The objective of these practices is to encourage teamwork, collaboration, and team building.

A Virtual Team Building in Singapore offers Singapore’s first and exclusive Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience. This Online Escape Room Game enables participants to be thoroughly involved in an appealing virtual environment and finish with exciting storylines and puzzles.

This Virtual game designed by Virtual Team Building Singapore is a typically in-house game. The Virtual Escape Room is ideal for energizing and engaging remote teams, developing strong ties, and increasing morale among the distant team members.

Why Choose Them

  • Largest virtual escape room provider- It is the highest virtual escape company that provides an ultimate number of pax.
  • Certified facilitators- Counsellors of virtual team building are professionally trained and ensure you get the best virtual escape room experience.
  • Affordable pricing for any group size- The company offers a minimum of two pax to an infinite number of pax.
  • Over 1200- 5-star review by clients– Over 1000+ frenzied ratings on platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor.
  • Certified and award-winning- Have won multiple awards that include the Spirit of Enterprise Award, Brand for Good Champion, and many more.
  • 100% online experience- The company is perfect for distant teams working from school, home, friends, and family.
  • Fun online puzzle adventure- The company offers online escape exciting puzzles from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, including 30 flashes of online debrief and set up.
  • Anytime and anywhere- Geography and distance are no more a hurdle.
  • Unique immersive experience- The company presents an appealing storyline and engaging puzzles.

The Virtual Team Building Singapore has worked with various companies to develop bonding and boost engagement among employees.

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