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Consider These Things When Getting Married

by Byrne Anderson
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There is a lot more to saying yes when being proposed to than just wedding planning. It is quite easy to get caught up in the bliss and sweet chaos of planning for the big day, but it is equally important to consider everything that you have had in your life prior to your engagement.

What Exactly Does This Mean?

It means that you have a job, possibly a career, you may have property and assets of your own, and that you have been building a life prior to the engagement. For business owners, there is a lot to consider when getting married that goes beyond the “I Do’s.”

There are all kinds of businesses and assets that a person can bring into a marriage. Perhaps you are a landlord and have tenancy by the entirety to consider or maybe you have a business and have employees to think about. You may be busy day to day when it comes to making sure all of your tenant’s needs are met. Building upkeep is a full-time job in itself. If you run a private business then you are committed 24/7 to that business and this can cause a problem in some marriages when the significant other isn’t as open to sharing your time.

How Do You Balance Assets and Marriage?

Finding the right person to marry is the first thing to consider. The person you are marrying should already know that you spend a lot of time tending to your assets. They must be willing to see the big picture and understand that your dedication to your properties or your businesses is what will provide a livelihood for your marriage. You must also find someone that is willing to either jump in and help you or stay out of the way because you cannot have someone half involved with such important matters.

Marriage Takes a Lot of Compromise

Marriage is not just balancing assets and worrying about business deals. There is a lot more that comes with a marriage. There are two people that may have two entirely different lives and careers that are not merging together. Toss in the upkeep of their own house and daily stress and it is definitely a balancing act. Once that act is achieved, it seems a lot of couples take the next step and add kids or pets into the equation. Marriage is a constant give and take that requires a lot of schedule juggling and understanding.

Making It Work

It is important for couples getting married to thoroughly understand each other’s obligations and schedules. When it comes to owning properties or businesses, a lot is at stake. The welfare and prosperity of the properties owned or the business being run are of the utmost importance. Both individuals in the marriage must understand that these assets require a lot of time dedication. Things will break, bills will need to be paid, employees may call in sick, and businesses can have struggles.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of assets a person has, they have to allow dedicated time to make it flourish. It is equally important to allow dedicated time to the marriage to keep it strong and healthy as well. All work and no play can result in a stressed-out and distanced marriage.

Make sure you sit down with planners each month and write in time for one another. Schedule date nights even after you are married. Toss in some flex time in the event something occurs and the scheduled date night gets canceled.

Make sure to plan time at home with one another and work on things in the house. Balance a chore list so that one spouse doesn’t feel as though the entire weight of running the household rests solely on their shoulders. By creating boundaries and schedules, you will allow balance into your marriage that will be much needed while you are also juggling your time-consuming, yet money-making assets.

By discussing everything upfront, understanding expectations, and creating time for one another, you will be able to handle your assets and your marriage.

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