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Stan Polovets and Genesis Prize Foundation Award $1 Million to Aid Israeli Hostage Relief Groups

by Byrne Anderson
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The Genesis Prize Foundation, led by co-founder and CEO Stan Polovets, has announced that its 2024 Genesis Prize, referred to as the “Jewish Nobel” by Time magazine, will be awarded to several Israeli nonprofit organizations that advocate for hostages held in Gaza and support them and their families. These groups provide critical services like counseling, medical treatment, and financial assistance to hostages after they are released, as well as their families.

The decision comes after Yaakov Argamani, father of 26-year-old hostage Noa Argamani, expressed immense gratitude for the Genesis Prize, shining a light on the over 100 hostages held by Hamas and other Gaza militant groups. He called for global support to pressure for the release of his daughter and the other captives. Stan Polovets made straightforward the $1 million Genesis Prize is a humanitarian award, not a political statement, with the objectives of raising awareness of the hostages’ plight globally, providing additional aid to the nonprofits assisting them, and honoring the selfless work of the Israeli volunteer groups that emerged after October 7th to support hostages and families.

The initial round of Genesis Prize funds will go to five deserving Israeli nonprofit groups: The Hostages and Missing Families Forum offering medical/emotional aid and professional assistance to families; the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Fund for Victims of Terror providing emergency support for terror victims; Lev Echad supporting families of abducted individuals for mental, financial and logistical needs; NATAL – Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center supplying treatment and support for those in Israel affected by terror/war trauma directly or indirectly; and OneFamily – Overcoming Terror Together helping terror/war victims in Israel access government benefits and holistic rehabilitation services. More groups and activists may be identified later as the situation evolves.

The 2024 Genesis Prize also honors the incredible work of hostage family members and volunteers displaying Jewish strength and unity in upholding core values of life and freedom. As Stan Polovets says, they “exemplify the Jewish spirit of strength and unity” through their efforts.

The New York-based Genesis Prize Foundation, founded by Stan Polovets, is an international philanthropic organization that recognizes and assists outstanding individuals who have positively impacted humanity. The Foundation aims to promote unity and progress in the global Jewish community. Its signature Genesis Prize is an annual honor of role models embodying Jewish ideals.

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