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Understanding the Benefits of Franchise Email Marketing

by Byrne Anderson
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Becoming a franchise owner means having access to all sorts of resources through the franchisor. Even so, there is a need for you to develop a presence in your territory. One of the ways you can get the word out about your franchise is to make use of email marketing. Here are some of the advantages that come with using the right sort of franchise email marketing strategy.

A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

When it comes to marketing, it’s hard to think of a more cost-effective solution than sending out emails. In times past, that distinction was reserved for direct mail pieces. However, that option did involve the cost of printing materials and paying postage. Neither expense applies to sending materials out via email.

The real expense with this method is the time and effort that you put into creating the content for the marketing campaign. Once that’s done, you have a resource that can be used this time, modified for future campaigns, and even used for a special campaign if you become aware of a secondary market that might be interested in your goods or services.

The Ability to Enjoy Immediate Responses

The great thing about email marketing is that your missives are delivered directly to email accounts at once. That means people can check the headers, decide if they want to read the email, and even respond immediately. You could literally have responses in minutes after launching the campaign.

That response may be due to requesting more information, or it may even be a sale generated when a reader clicks on a link, visits your online store and makes a purchase. Compare that to other methods that may or may not receive immediate attention.

Easy to Measure the Success Rate

With franchise email marketing, you can measure the success of a campaign with relative ease. It’s easy to track how many emails did not bounce back, how many clicks to your site are the result of those emails, and even how many sales were generated in a given period. You can put that information to good use in the future.

Depending on the response, you may want to use a similar approach next time. Possibly, you will decide to spotlight a good or service that’s often used in tandem with what you touted in the previous campaign. If the response is not great, then you know to go in a different direction.

Simple For Recipients to Opt Into a Mailing List

An excellent benefit is that you can include a link that recipients can use to opt-in to receive future emails. That works well since they can also choose to unsubscribe. See this as a way to refine your email list and ensure only interested parties continue to receive whatever you send out.

Keep in mind that some of the recipients will share those emails with others. That means you may have people sign up who were not part of the original email campaign. You end up with more people who truly want to know more about what you offer.

If you’ve never tried an email campaign before, now is the time to look into this option. When you see how it helps spread the word about your franchise and raises visibility, there’s no doubt that you will want to keep using this strategy.

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