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Build a custom yacht

by Byrne Anderson
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Many would-be owners’ fantasies center around the opportunity to create their very own custom superyacht. A superyacht is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, and the process of creating one should be just as exciting as owning one. If you have a reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable collaborator, you can be assured that your ambitious project will be completed successfully, on schedule and within your set budget. That’s why you should consider Turkey; any Turkish shipyard is well-known for its excellent cost-effectiveness.

The Process

The first step in the process is for your yacht brokers to compile a list of potential shipyards in Turkey based on your requirements and then send out a design specification for bid. You will then review all of the bids and help you pick the best shipyard. Yacht brokers usually operate as a go-between for you and the building crew once a contract has been signed with the yard of your choice and work on the project has begun. Everything from the hull’s construction to the ship’s metallurgy and engineering to its final polish is inspected by your brokers, and you are kept abreast of each new step.

Yacht Design & Layout 

Superyachts are, in fact, floating, cutting-edge works of art. Every detail is diligently attended to in the making of each and every one of them. Your ideas should be included into every part of the yacht’s design, whether you go the bespoke or semi-custom route. Some shipyards will provide you with a possibility to visualise the yacht of your dreams using modern VR technologies. 

Why Turkey?

Nearly eighty percent of all yachts are constructed in the Antalya Free Zone, followed by Istanbul’s Tuzla area and Bodrum in the Mula province. Totaling 2,630 feet in length, 47 superyachts left the Antalya Free Zone in 2019, bringing in $95 million. A wide variety of countries were represented among the owners, including the Netherlands, the United States, Qatar, Croatia, the Ivory Coast, Portugal, Jamaica, Russia, Oman, and Djibouti.

Turkey, though, has an even more profound allure. Due to its rich history of manufacturing and its emphasis on handcrafted goods like furniture, the country has developed a strong artisanal workforce. The chance is sweetened when the possibility of a shipyard going bankrupt is removed.

To further improve the reputation of the boats, several Turkish yards are now working with well-known European designers. Dream Symphony was designed by Ken Freivokh and Dykstra Naval Architects, while the interior of Sirena 88 was created by Cor D. Rover and his team.

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