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Trending Window Models in 2021

by Byrne Anderson
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Customers are always looking to go green in their homes and businesses, which means that window installation will be trending in 2021. With the government pushing for more sustainable buildings, it’s no surprise that people want to replace old windows with green ones.

There are other benefits as well including noise reduction, protection against theft, storm damage restoration, ease of maintenance, improved aesthetics, etc. For this reason, manufacturers have been creating new window models specifically designed to meet these needs while still being cost-effective.

Here’s a Look at Some of the Most Popular Green Window Models That You’ll See in 2021

Although some types will be more common than others, expect all of these window styles to be trending by 2021 since they’re already commonly installed. It’s also possible that other options will become more prevalent as companies create better products designed to meet the needs of today’s homeowners and business owners.

You can try out some of these styles if you plan on starting a window replacement project in the future. You don’t even need to learn how to install a replacement window. You can simply hire professional window installation companies to do the job for you.

1.    ENERGY STAR-Certified Windows

This type is popular among homeowners because they provide energy efficiency. This means lower monthly utility bills so customers can enjoy more savings over time. They also offer all sorts of other benefits including easier maintenance, improved aesthetics, etc., but they’re especially beneficial to those looking to go green because they offer a good way to reduce waste through energy conservation.

2.    Low-E Glass Windows

These windows are known for having low emissivity properties, which make them great insulators. In other words, they help stand up against heat transfer from inside the home to the outside and vice versa. They’re also designed with various coatings that allow visible light in while reducing UV radiation transmissions. This means customers can enjoy more natural sunlight without worrying about damage caused by UV rays.

3.    Ug-Rated Windows

This type is becoming more popular even though it still isn’t as common as other models on the market today because of how effective it is at keeping buildings cool during hot weather. By keeping buildings cooler, it allows businesses to cut the energy costs associated with using A/C systems.

4.    Super Spacer Window Systems

This type of window is preferred because it offers more thermal performance than other traditional windows. The frame on this type of window doesn’t separate as much as others, which means that there’s a lack of air pockets and thus better insulation. While we’re still in an era where most people tend to prefer double-pane glass windows, manufacturers appear to be shifting their focus toward super spacer window models because they can help customers save up on heating and cooling expenses.

5.    Fiberglass Reinforced Window Frames

These types of frames are known for being resistant to rot, rust, warping, etc., which make them a popular choice among homeowners. Unfortunately, most of these frames are made from aluminum, which means they’re susceptible to being easily broken or dented under harsh weather conditions. With fiberglass reinforcement, however, manufacturers can produce a stronger type that is also more durable and doesn’t dent as easily.

6.    Durable Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl window frames have been around for several decades but haven’t been too popular in the past because they’ve been known for being flimsy and rather unattractive. Manufacturers today have begun using fiberglass reinforcements to help improve structural integrity so customers get improved durability without compromising style.

7.    Solar Screens for Energy Savings

There’s a reason why solar screens are becoming more popular even though they didn’t use to be very prominent. These types of screens help keep buildings cool during hot weather because they act like mini-blinds that are integrated within the window itself. Homes and businesses can even opt to use thin-film solar screens, which can replace traditional exterior window coverings to provide more energy savings.

8.    Low-E4 Plus Glass Windows

This type is one of the newest models on the market today that’s specifically designed for maximum heat reflection while still allowing visible light into a room. This design allows them to look just like normal windows but function much better than other glass types when it comes to blocking UV rays while also keeping internal temperatures down.

9.    Replacement Windows with Multiple Functions

Homeowners should prepare for more replacement windows with multiple functions in the future because they allow for increased customization. This means customers can pick and choose which features they want to ensure the highest level of functionality possible. For instance, some types have options that include built-in window seat cushions or pet doors that are integrated into the window itself.

10. New Glass Coatings

Manufacturers appear to be using more glass coatings than ever before because it’s another way to help offer additional benefits. For example, it can improve light transmission by up to 30% while also making them easier to clean. There are even options with high solar heat reflectivity along with low emissivity levels, which is why these types are now being advertised as triple-glazed windows

11. LEDs Illuminate Window Panels

Some manufacturers are incorporating more LEDs into window panels, which allows for added energy efficiency and improved illumination. A new company called NanoLight uses nano-membranes to help capture and transmit light better while also using less power.

12. Solar Windows

This is still a relatively new type of window that’s designed to harness sunlight and convert it into electricity. This design also helps reduce the amount of heat radiating from a room because it effectively blocks out 90% of the sun’s rays from passing through any exterior windows. Other models can even have built-in solar cells similar to traditional roof tiles, with estimates suggesting that every square meter of glass will be able to produce up to 70 watts in usable electricity by 2025.

13. Fully Glazed, Tilt and Turn Windows

This is one of the newest window types to become fully glazed so they don’t have any exposed metalwork. They also tilt inward for ventilation and turn to open from either side using a hand crank or handle, which means homeowners can install them on different sides of the building depending on their needs.

14. Low-E4 Glass Windows

These windows are similar to low-e4 plus because they’re designed with maximum heat reflection and reduced thermal conductivity, but they include an added coating that emits a reflective film. This means they’re ideal in areas where snow accumulation is common during winter months since the snow will slide right off without creating damage.

15. Indirect Glazing Windows

This is one of the oldest window models to date that’s still being used in construction. Instead of having exposed glass panels, indirect windows have a glazed element that is surrounded by a spacer and frame. This means they’re protected from direct contact and can be easily cleaned without requiring too much effort.

16. Tilt and Turn Windows with Translucent Panels

These types allow for ventilation because they can turn either way and tilt inward, but they also include translucent panels at the top so natural light can pass through. The downside is these types are more expensive than other window options, so it might not be ideal for every homeowner based on their budget.

17. Sensor-Activated Coverings

Smart homes continue to gain in popularity, and window coverings are no exception. For example, it’s possible to automate these types based on time of day or weather conditions. Some can also be activated automatically when sensors pick up movement nearby.

18. Windows with Integrated Lighting

Homeowners will continue to see more windows that include integrated lighting for added convenience and energy efficiency. There’s a wide variety of options including some that emit light during the day while others can glow at night for safety purposes. Not all types work on solar power so they might require an external power source such as ground stakes or an internal battery instead depending on the manufacturer.

19. Replacement Windows with Increased Transparency

More homeowners will likely consider installing replacement windows that allow for increased transparency because it adds to the overall view regardless of the surrounding landscape. Homeowners will also appreciate how easy it is to maintain this type of window since they’re typically low maintenance.

20. Solid Wood Windows

Solid wood windows from suppliers such as Windsor Industries boast a classic look that’s more efficient than traditional aluminum glazing. While these types of windows are pricier, they offer better thermal insulation and soundproofing compared to other options on the market. This makes them ideal for areas where homeowners want to enjoy an added sense of privacy without sacrificing too much energy efficiency.

But how much does window installation cost? It all depends on the company that you hire. Most of them will give you a quote before you sign any contract. You also don’t need to learn how to measure a window for replacement since this is included as part of the work when you hire installation companies.

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