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Tips for setting an outpost for your company

by Byrne Anderson
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Many companies are now becoming digitalized. More companies are now migrating from the traditional way of doing things to more sophisticated computing systems such as cloud computing. Today, it is very possible for enterprises to create outposts as well as innovation centers across the globe. In simple terms, you are in control of what will be happening to your business, data, and your company at large. In case you are planning to open an AWS outpost, there are many things that you should always put into consideration. Here are some of them

Outposts placement

The number one thing that you should always think of has to do with the placement of your outposts. It is very important to try and find out whether you are looking for insight on the technology side or the customer side. This is what will help you choose the right location for your outpost. In many cases, companies are always looking forward to setting it up in a technology hub but you should know that disruption may happen mostly on the customer’s side. It is also very important to try and find out how you can be able to support the local ecosystem. Try to figure out whether you would like it to develop new products or not.

Stuffing the outposts

Before setting up an AWS outpost, it is also very important to try and decide on how you are going to stuff it. First of all, it is important to decide on the number of people whom you are going to assign to it. When you are deciding on stuffing, you should always remember that the size of the outpost will always determine its functionality. It is also very important to decide whether you will be settling for locals or experts. At the end of the day, you should have clear and defined goals, accountability, and communication as well.

Outpost success

It is very important to know that the success of the outpost will be dependent on the setup backend. You should have a clear way of how you will be responding to any signal of disruption. You should also know whether you have the authority to make changes to the organization.


Having an outpost is a very vital asset to any company that values growth. When you are operating an AWS outpost, it is very important to ensure that is being operated with defined goals and strategies.

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