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Kevin Modany on Top His Tips and Best Practices for Executive Consultants

by Byrne Anderson
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As an industry insider and an executive consultant with years of experience plying his trade, Kevin Modany has developed a unique set of soft and hard skills. As an executive consultant, Modany is charged with helping his clients build techniques and strategies that uplift their businesses while developing better and more profitable outcomes.

Modany joined Bluerock Partners in 2016 and has since developed his areas of expertise to include mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, process enhancement, and financial performance optimization.

Giving back to those who helped along the way, Modany decided to share some tips and tricks he found most helpful in his industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how Kevin Modany defines his best practices as an executive consultant.

Role of an Executive Consultant

Today’s business leaders are facing a more saturated, competitive, and overpowered marketplace than ever before. The internet and its global reach have put everyone on the same level. Companies must make better decisions than ever to find success, and this is where an executive consultant steps into the equation.

The best practices of a business are defined by their ethics, guidelines, and work standards, and consultants, government agencies, or operational executives can establish them.

Critical Practices of Kevin Modany

While there are numerous ways to approach developing the best practices of a business, Kevin Modany has techniques that he has grown over the years.

  1. Consulting Practice – Consultants should ensure that their practice reflects the personal and professional values they have embodied over the years. From structuring client interactions to developing better outcomes, transparency is paramount.
  2. Value-First Approach – Executive consultants should be able to define their business from the ground up by listing the values that drive everything they do. Describing the ideal business model allows Modany to craft a mission statement that can attract clients to the company.
  3. Lay the Ground Rules – Business success requires an understanding of the objectives that the client is focused on, as well as the ground rules for accomplishing those goals. Modany advises clear and constant communication wherein the ground rules are cleanly laid out and presented at the outset of the engagement.
  4. Define the Issue / Find a Solution – Executive consultants can analyze situations and factors that may lead to an improved solution. Modany then uses that information to plan a more amicable outcome.

The industry’s best and most successful businesses rely on support from individuals like Kevin Modany. A better understanding of how a consultant can help your business can lead to improved outcomes in the future!

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