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How Many Driving Lessons Are Needed To Pass?

by Byrne Anderson
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Everybody knows ‘that guy’ who claims to have passed their driving tests after just 5 hours of training. Truth is, even with the most intensive driving lessons crash course this is completely impossible.

Hence, everybody also knows ‘that guy’ who’s full of garbage.

On average, it takes new drivers in the UK around 47 hours of driver training to pass their practical test. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pass with fewer driving lessons, but this is the kind of target to be aiming for as a minimum.

In any case, you’ll pass your test when you’re ready to pass your test. Some new drivers need more tuition than others, just as some excel in certain areas while struggling elsewhere.

Just as long as you set yourself up with a decent driving school, you’ll get there when the time is right.

The Five Key Phases of Learning to Drive

Whether you go for traditional driving lessons or an intensive driving lessons crash course, you’ll gradually progress through the five key phases of learning to drive before passing your test.

Each of which we’ve provided a brief summary of below:

  • Basic Vehicle Control. This is where you learn how to safely and confidently control the vehicle itself in all types of conditions and situations.  For obvious reasons, you need to know how to control the car and its functions with complete confidence at all times.
  • Road Safety Rules. Being able to control a car confidently and safely is of zero value if you don’t also know and understand all applicable road safety rules. This means being able to think and plan ahead, avoiding hazardous situations and conducting yourself in a safe manner.
  • Expect the Unexpected. Safe and confident driving isn’t only about controlling your own vehicle. It’s also about anticipating what each and every driver, pedestrian and hazard around you may do at any point in time. This is an essential skill that can only be achieved with practice.
  • Test Preparation. Before booking your practical driving test, you will first need to undergo a series of mock tests carried out under the same rules and on the same roads where your practical test will take place. All of which will ensure you are prepared for what’s to come.
  • Consistency. It’s not enough to drive flawlessly for an hour or two during your lessons or mock tests. Before taking your practical test, you need to be in a position where you are driving flawlessly on a consistent basis and without exception.

Private Practice

If you’re serious about passing your test as quickly as possible and moving onto Pass Plus, one of the best ways of speeding things up is to consider private practice.

This is where you insure yourself on an appropriate vehicle and spend time practicing with a fully licensed driver in the vehicle with you at the time, and display red L plates on the front and rear of your car. If you can afford insurance and convince a fully licensed driver to join you for the ride, you’ll be able to practice as much as you like and clock up some serious hours between your formal lessons.

Nevertheless, you will still need plenty of instruction and input from your tutor, in order to ensure your standard of driving is up to scratch.

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