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Cable Logging Operations and Applications of Winch Ropes

by Byrne Anderson
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Cables or winch ropes can play an important role during logging operations in the forest. Cable yarding generally consists of certain system where cables are used for transporting material from the forest to their proper landing place.

There are a number of different uses of ropes in the treuil forestier (English meaning is forestry winch) which includes plantation, arborist and agriculture industries.

What is cable/wire rope

Cable or any wire rope used can decide load capacity of any system and also their maintenance schedule. These cables, or wire ropes are generally made by using wires that will be wound into strands.

All these strands are wound into finished wire rope. Wire rope may have many different configurations.

Direction in which wires will be wound into strands, number of wires used in each strand, direction all strands are wound, number of strands used in these ropes, and material used for making such these classy wire ropes.

  • Wire can be single metallic wire which is round or shaped.
  • Strand is group of wires which is helically laid around center in single or multiple layers.
  • Core is axial member around that strands will be laid to form wire rope. It can be steel, polypropylene, natural fibers, or even small-diameter wire rope.
  • Rope is group of strands that is helically laid around core.

How forestry rope is used?

Typically, forestry ropes are used for logging, plantation clearing, timber harvesting or reforestation and many other arboriculture tasks.

Few other machineries are commonly used for various large-scale forestry operations like

  • Tractors with winches
  • Helicopters
  • Cable cranes

Any forestry rope can always be used along with motorised and also manual winches alike. In order to remove trees, logs and stumps this winching operation is used.

For use on smaller country parkland, large country estates and small plantations forestry ropes are ideal.

In case of larger areas like national forests or specialist tree plantation, generally bigger machinery is used. For pulling up logs from much below level, cable cranes are typically used with cable skylines and cable yarding.

With this kind of logging method, great distances can always be covered and it can enable logging in the most rugged and arduous landscapes.

Generally, wire ropes are used on crane, on skyline and logging chokers too. Chokers are kind of forestry ropes used in logging process.

They can be easiest and reliable securing method for single log/tree or even multiple logs in any choke hold for enabling them to be transported.

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