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An Essential Guide to Digital Marketing

by Byrne Anderson
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Whether you run a small one-man business or a multi-national corporation, digital marketing is not something you can afford to ignore, as every business of today needs a strong online presence if they are to carve out their market share. Of course, most business owners have limited IT knowledge, so outsourcing your digital marketing is the ideal solution, and here are some of the services they provide.

  • Website Design – You company website is your portal to the online world, and it should reflect your company and what you are about. The SEO company (known as บริษัท SEO in Thailand) would have an in-house web design team who can design and build the perfect website, and by posting quality content and having easy navigation, site visitors will have a positive viewing experience.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Millions of people use search engines to source products and services on a daily basis, and if you want your website to be prominent in a Google keyword search, you will need search engine optimisation services. There are several strategies the digital marketing company would use to improve a website’s rankings within search engines, which include inserting the right keywords in the right places.
  • Social Media Marketing – So vital is social media that there is a specific industry called ‘social media marketing’, and with literally millions of consumers that order products and services from social media pages, you simply have to develop this avenue. When social media first emerged, businesses thought these platforms were solely for social chit-chat, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all places that you should create accounts, and with regular posting of quality content, you will soon generate a large following.
  • Outreach Blogging – Yet another very effective digital marketing avenue, outreach blogging involves posting quality blogs and articles on independent blog sites, and the articles have naturally placed links that take the reader to the client’s website. The style of writing is not promotional, but rather the content is designed to be informative and provides useful information on every aspect of the client’s industry.
  • Gift Cards – These can be a very effective way to persuade customers to buy your products, and can be given to regular customers as a form of reward, or as a discount for a new product line. Online gift cards can be purchased by existing customers as a gift that can be exchanged for any of your products or services, and a digital marketing company can help you set up a good gift card system.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing can produce great results if implemented correctly, as it delivers promotions and special offers directly to your existing customers’ inboxes. Easy to create, an email campaign can be used several times per year, especially at seasonal times like Christmas and New Year. Talk to your local SEO provider about email marketing and you might be surprised at how affordable it is.

Any business that is trying to increase their current market share would rely heavily of the above digital marketing strategies, which are proven to be successful.


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