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5 Budget Travel Destinations

by Byrne Anderson
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Budget travel is definitely possible with just a little bit of planning and research.

Here are 5 budget destinations for travelers, especially for small groups or solo travelers who don’t mind getting a little hands-on in their travels.


Spend the night in local guest hotels and relax on the warm beaches during the day in Nicaragua. Food, transport, and housing are usually cheap, and don’t be afraid to use your people skills to connect with locals and find the best spots to stay and eat!

Nicaraguan food is mostly beans and rice, and isn’t known as the most delicious travel food, but it’s a great dish to try at least once.

Finally, travel around while you’re here. Take the Chicken Bus for affordable and exciting travel, and go to the coast, the mountains, or just hop on the bus and see where it takes you.

From hiking through the jungle, surfing the coast, or visiting historic towns, Nicaragua is a vibrant, friendly country that’s the perfect destination for the budget traveler.


If Laos is known for anything in the travel community, it’s re-lax-ation. This sleepy, slow country is a great budget destination for those who want to slow down and take it easy on holiday.

There are plenty of place to stay in Laos, and we recommend booking a place online and then asking around once you arrive to find a cheaper, local accommodation. Travel by bicycle, motorbike, or bus are common, but walking will also get you around without paying a fee.

Food can be more expensive in touristy areas, but the street food is amazing and decently priced. If you’re looking for adventure, find a local guide or tour group and see what they have to offer.

Traveling from March-October can be cheaper and quieter because that’s the off-season for tourism.


Old ruins, beach huts, and sleepy towns fill this gorgeous country. Markets are plentiful and there is so much unique, local food to try. You should also stop by Pub Street, famous for its affordable beer and nightlife.

When you’re ready to travel, try to rent a bicycle or motorbike, which are cheaper than tuk-tuks (three-wheel bicycles with a carriage driven by a local driver.) For longer distances, consider renting a car service, which are also decently priced.

No matter where you go in Cambodia, you’re going to find friendly faces and eye- catching sights at a great deal.


If you like all the excitement from Las Vegas and don’t want spend as much, go to Reno, the second largest city in Nevada and still have so much that its neighbor city has to offer, like amazing hotels and casinos, the Atlantis, the Peppermill, the nugget reno and so many more.


Gorgeous gardens, stately castles, and delicious cuisine await you in Belarus. This European destination is a hidden gem. With plentiful museums, restaurants, and historical sites, Belarus is definitely a budget European trip.

Transport is generally cheap, especially by train, but do your research beforehand to find the best way to travel for what you want to do.

And while it’s a beautiful country year-round, winters are freezing and the best times to visit are mid-summer and early fall, especially if you plan on doing lots of outdoor activities.


Nepal is easily one of the most affordable countries you can visit. Easy access to temples, museums, and natural locations make it picturesque and unique.

Sample local food, but try to avoid the luxury restaurants and tourist venues, as they charge more for the same meals. Hiking, people watching, and exploring are all popular activities. And don’t forget to visit Kathmandu or Pokhara!

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