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Why Does Your Amazon Store Needs to be SEO-Friendly?

by Byrne Anderson
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Amazon is among the most popular online shopping sites across the world with 300+ million active customers and 7+ million sellers. When customers visit the Amazon store, they have only one thing in mind – get the best deal in terms of price and quality. Now, with thousands of sellers on Amazon selling the same products like yours, it becomes challenging for you to attract customers in your favour. How can you ensure that customers notice your offerings on Amazon?

The answer lies in Amazon Optimization or in simple words, get higher product ranking on Amazon search through SEO. 

Amazon SEO refers to optimizing your product listings with relevant keywords so that they appear at the top Amazon search engine results. When the rankings are higher, the visibility is higher among Amazon visitors. They are very likely to click on top results and buy the product, resulting in more sales for your products.

So, you need an Amazon SEO strategy for the benefits it offers:

  • Increase traffic to your product pages
  • Build trust and credibility among customers
  • Establish brand/seller awareness
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower the advertising cost

Amazon listing optimization is the best sales strategy that you as a seller can embrace for better performance of your products on Amazon marketplace. Amazon search engine operates on A9, its own algorithm and search engine.

A9 looks for:

  • Text Match Relevancy: product title, features and description.
  • Images: ultra-high quality and clarity of product images.
  • Sales Velocity: amount and number of transactions of a seller in a month.
  • Stock Availability: items in stock for each seller.
  • Price: how suitably your product is priced in comparison to other sellers.
  • Fulfilled By Amazon: whether your product is stocked in Amazon warehouse – if it is, then it gets listed as ‘featured’ item on Amazon site.
  • Advertising and Promotions: when you advertise your products or offer discounts – it creates visibility and positioning in customers’ minds.
  • Customer Reviews: positive customer reviews and ratings increase the credibility of your products.

Do note that keywords play the most dominant role in Amazon SEO. You not only need to insert the right keywords, but their strategic placement is also integral to optimization. The keywords should be placed in the title, product description, backend keywords and bullet points. Keywords help customers find your products easily.

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces and there is stiff competition among sellers. If your products are not performing well on Amazon, it is a clear indication that you need to pay attention to the Amazon product optimization strategy. Being there is not enough, it is important to be on the top of Amazon search engine pages. 

However, having said that, Amazon SEO calls for dedicated investment in terms of time and effort. It is advisable to avail professional Amazon Marketing Services vendors who can amplify your growth with a robust and sustainable Amazon SEO strategy, and even help you create advertisement campaigns.

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