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How to recruit and retain talent – the best strategies you can employ

by Byrne Anderson
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Recruitment is in fact the toughest decision one has to make. It involves a huge work and efforts to recruit the right people. More difficult than employing the right candidates is the task of retaining the best talent. Are you looking to improve your strategies at recruiting and retaining the right people? The tips here can prove to be helpful enough.

Create a list

Yes, analyse your employees and create a list of the employees whom you want to retain at any cost. Identify the risk factors that can make them move out of your organization. Some of the important factors can be a long time since the last raise or promotion, how long the duties have been offered or changed, and gaps in the career aspirations.

You can also identify the employees at the risk of moving away by following their body language. Do they smile and are they enthusiastic working with you? You can ask your team or the managers about the possible signs.

Check what the best talent is looking for

The best talent you are looking for may already be employed elsewhere. These people constitute the passive workforce. They may not respond to your job openings or advertisements. The right way to reach out to them would be to use the power of social media and referral schemes.

Tools like Greenhouse can be quite useful and practical in this context. In fact, the Greenhouse recruitment process focuses on a wide range of options to arrive at the best standards in achieving the best in terms of recruiting the right candidates. These tools and processes can also be handy in having a clear idea of the employee aspirations. That way, you would be able to devise means to retain them by fulfilling their needs.

Develop the right retention plan

Develop a clear and perfect employee retention plan. You can either go with a formal or informal plan based on the structure and nature of your organization. The plan should be well documented to retain your best employees.

These retention plans should be easy to measure as the individual employee requirements. The tricks can include giving them new responsibilities, pay hikes, or offering them a new development and growth opportunity. Re-evaluating their workload and reassigning the duties can be yet another plus point you can look out for.

Get ready with a counterplan in place

However strong your employee retention plan may be, one or two of your best talent may decide to leave even after much persuasion. You should be ready with a counter offer. Make sure you provide each of the employees a counter offer before they decide to leave.

The trick of the trade is you should treat your existing employees in the same manner as you would treat a best talent at the time of recruiting them. Retain your best employees by providing them with best offers before you competitor chips in to steal the employee away.

Run a Re-recruiting exercise

This is also known in the corporate circles as Stay Interview. Call a meeting of your employees to gather information on what they want or how they feel about the tasks that have been assigned to them. You can analyse what they like or dislike about the organization.

You can also gain an insight into their views on career growth, future goals with respect to their career and the interest in training and development activities. These meetings can be formal or informal. They can be helpful in opening up the conversations. The meetings or the re-recruitment drives should be such that the employees are willing to share their thoughts openly and honestly. This vast information can help you understand what your employees are looking ahead to. You can use this information for making the necessary changes in the organizational structure or the working conditions.

Well, those were just a few great options that should be helpful enough in building a powerful team of employees and retaining the best talent. Employees are the building blocks for any organization and thus retaining the best talent you already have should be equally important as it is to employing and best talent pool. The strategies featured here should ideally help you achieve those goals effectively enough.

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