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Third-Party Risk Management Services That Minimize Fraud and Maintain Compliance

by Byrne Anderson
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Risk management is a critical part of every business to protect them from the various risks they get exposed to in their line of service. Several due diligence firms have sprung up to aid in risk management, fraud minimization, and compliance maintenance, enabling businesses to achieve the required standards and risk protections. NFC Global Worldwide Due Diligence provides highly trained new york third-party risk management analysts, auditors, and team members who gather raw data on the client subject of interest. Additionally, the professionals put the data into readily available insights and reports on the appraisal of an individual or business. With several years of collective experience, the firm’s prolific law enforcement and compliance experts use various resources to get the most comprehensive information. The skills and abilities of the professionals enable the clients to get accurate and reliable services depending on their needs. The services include:

Anti-money laundering and bank secrecy act compliance

It is vital to ensure that all business operations comply with international laws to prevent getting involved in lawsuits. The legal firms’ new york third-party risk management professionals work to enhance the clients Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures and policies enabling them to revisit their compliance regularly. The legal experts work tirelessly to identify the potential and actual gaps in the client’s existing programs with services that include reviews, audits, comprehensive risk assessments, and compliance consulting. Once hired by a client, the legal experts help them meet various compliance requirements, which protects their businesses and individuals from any reputational harm.

Casino, online, sports betting

NFC Global and Spectrum Gaming Group have a partnership that enables them to conduct due diligence for complex licensing cases. Through the conduction of due diligence, the legal experts cover all loopholes that would give room to any licensing suits that might arise. As compliance professionals, the legal experts recognize the importance of research on public records, which assists in the probing into partners, vendors, potential owners, and suppliers for the casino and hotel industry. The non-partisan consultancy provided leverages intelligence and data through an in-depth analysis that passes regulatory scrutiny and public confidence in different jurisdictions around the world.

Citizenship by investment due diligence

One of the top priorities for NFC Global clients is protecting their Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program while providing the necessary support. The new york third-party risk management legal experts assist clients by performing a comprehensive review of the applicants and one or more of their close family members. The various activities that get done aim to establish candidates’ eligibility and prevent those with questionable backgrounds from manipulating the system. A thorough look into the provided documentation allows the professionals to detect red flags and anomalies that may hinder one from benefitting from the system. The thorough and professional service enables us to provide clients with the right service that gives them maximum benefits.

Executive background investigations

High-level background checks are quite technical and require the services of legal experts in circumstances such as filling senior management roles. The new york third-party risk management legal experts intend to help their clients find the right candidates who meet the expected standards and expectations for bestowing board membership, among other reasons. Clients receive a report incorporating the necessary critical information, including personal identifiers, education verification, professional license verification, asset research, and criminal records where applicable. Every candidate gets thoroughly vetted and verified to enable their clients to gain confidence in their promotion and hiring decisions.

Financial services investigations

Financial service firms require due diligence from regulatory authorities to mid-sized banks to succeed. The new york third-party risk management legal experts assist several financial organizations in fulfilling their numerous compliance requirements. The financial business client’s budgetary needs and risk level considerations get taken into consideration to provide the most appropriate solution. To assist in client verification, the professionals work diligently, including Know Your Customer (KYC), enhanced KYC, and KYC wealth. Additionally, the professionals tailor their reports to clients such as banks, finance ministries, hedge funds, and private equity.

Foreign corrupt practices act, anti-bribery, and corruption

Business bribery and corruption impact the organization’s integrity, making it hard for customers to trust their services. To help their clients, NFC Global third-party risk management experts conduct comprehensive research on potential vendors, partners, suppliers, and contractors from a tough and emerging market. Using the wide network of investigators on the ground, the legal firm works tirelessly to ensure they do not miss anything that they should know. Clients get to relax with the knowledge that the law firm employs the best practices to assist them with their risk level and meet their compliance requirements under the United Kingdom (UK) Bribery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Litigation support

Businesses get the opportunity to gather information concerning their interest entities using the legal expert’s third-party risk management solutions. The professionals’ research and analysis are readily available on a global scale. The process involves gathering information that is a public record matter in regulated industries, including cannabis and gaming. Additionally, the new york third-party risk management search for the assets that might get tied to companies or individuals and determine red flags that include bankruptcy filings, tax liens, large judgments, and litigation.

Merger and acquisition support

At a certain point in running a business, one might consider taking part in mergers and acquisitions for reasons best known to them. After making such a decision, getting in touch with the risk management professionals works to facilitate a smooth flow of the process without any hiccups. The legal experts perform a thorough and detailed screening of the potential partner, leaving no stone unturned. The resources used for the particular task include public records research in various countries which might get tied to persons or the entity in question.


Several tasks and processes require the performance of due diligence to protect one from the possible risk and fraudulent activities that might harm them. Using third-party legal experts gives professional assistance that ensures the necessary processes and issues get well checked to guide their clients to come up with a well-informed decision that works to their benefit.

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