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Chomp Into the Top 9 Best Macbook Applications for College Students

by Byrne Anderson
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According to Apple, there are around 100 million active Mac users. If you’re one of those Mac users, you might be wondering what the best MacBook applications are for students.

By choosing the best Mac apps for students, you could increase your productivity and have tools that would help you advance in your studies.

Keep reading to discover what some of the best Mac applications are that you should have installed on your computer. 

  1. Obsidian

Obsidian is one of the best Macbook apps for college students, and it’ll change the way you take notes. You don’t have to worry about taking notes with Evernote or OneNote. 

Obsidian will create a vault to which you can add notes. However, you can also link notes in other apps as well. The app will let you create a mind map based on the different links. 

You can use this app for free, but there are also paid plans that are only $4 a month. This will let you sync all of your notes across different types of content. 

  1. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is an app that will let you organize different apps. This was designed with students in mind, and it can manage assignments, deadlines, examination dates, and classes. 

The user interface is very easy to use, and it’s well-designed. This makes it easy for people who are new to this kind of app. 

This will also sync across different platforms, including Windows and Android. 

  1. Bartender 4

Bartender 4 is great if you feel like you have too many apps that you’re managing. It’ll let you сhange icons on Mac and what appears in the menu bar.

It’s a very subtle app, but it’ll help you organize apps in a way that will make you more productive. You can search for different items and then move them into the Bar. 

You’ll also be able to show and hide apps, and you can adjust the icon sizes. If you want to see if you like this app, there is a four-week free trial that you can use.

  1. Notion

Notion has a lot of power, and it’s great for students who want to manage projects, exam schedules, and notes. It has built-in templates that are great for students who want to have all of their notes look the same.

You can even create a resume in this app and share it with recruiters.

If you’re going to use it for personal use, it’s free to use, and you can start creating in it as soon as possible. 

  1. Capto

Capto is great for screen capturing, taking videos, and recording. If you’re a film student, then this is the perfect app for you.

You’ll be able to take images, screenshot a full screen, and even take a scrolling video with your Mac. It’ll help you create informative and creative captures.

This is also great for making tutorials, and you can take videos and cut or join them. You can also export these videos and upload them into a presentation or on an online platform. 

  1. Quiet 3

Quiet 3 is a great way to make your desktop quiet and clean. It blocks content, and it’ll minimize the pop-ups and stop notifications so that you can focus on your work. 

You can also customize this app so that you can control what notifications you do get. This can work on your entire Mac system, and you can block analytics and crypto mining as well. 

  1. Filmora

Filmora is another great video editor. This is still a powerful system, and you won’t have to worry about the interface that normally comes with Adobe Premiere. 

This is a simple and easy-to-use video editor, and there are a lot of rich functions that you can use as well. Even if you have the M1 chip, you can still download this app. 

There are also add-ons that you can put into these apps, like video effects. You can also blur out messy backgrounds using their AI editor. They also have different stickers support, motion tracking, and importing and exporting options. 

  1. Cleanshot X

Cleanshot X is also a screen capture and screen recording tool. You can take the whole screen capture and make it look very professional.

You can even annotate the screenshot, and place timers on the screenshot as well. You can also record a screen while having a live thumbnail in the corner of the screenshot. 

You can also capture the video and turn it into a gif if you want. To use this app, you just need to pay $29 once and have unlimited access to it after that.

  1. Unclutter

Unclutter is another app that will let you swipe through your screen to find different apps. It’ll also make it easy to have notes, files, and clipboard information in one area that’s really accessible.

There is also a light or dark theme with this app, and you can sync them across different devices as well. If you’re going to be using a lot of apps and multitasking, then this is a great addition to your computer. 

Discover More of the Best MacBook Applications

These are only a few of the best MacBook applications, but there are many more of them out there. 

We know that keeping up with the latest technology trends can be overwhelming, but we’re here to make sure that you know of all the latest technology to improve your work efficiency.

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