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Migrating to Canada on Investment Visa: What You Should Know

by Byrne Anderson
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Canada established the Immigrant Investor Program to draw foreign investors and investments to the country. A Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship may be obtained through the Investor Visa Canada program. The investments must be made in Canada by qualified investors. A Golden Visa/Permanent Residency or Golden Passport/Citizenship can be obtained after that.

Immigrants with the necessary business skills can apply for a Canada Investment Visa to invest in the country’s economy. This boosts employment and promotes economic development in particular Canadian regions or territories. Having a business plan is one of the requirements. This is where Canada visa business plan services comes in handy.

Benefits of a Canadian Investor Visa

The following advantages are provided to holders of the Canada Investment Visa:

  • Obtain entry to a highly regarded, upscale lifestyle.
  • Get access to top-notch healthcare and education
  • Set up permanent residence in Canada with your family
  • Leverage from advantageous investment and business policies.
  • Gain access to travel perks that make it easier to visit several different countries worldwide.
  • Investor Visa Canada also provides a fast-track route to Canadian citizenship.

How can I become a Canadian citizen through investment visa?

There are numerous immigration options available in Canada that allow foreign persons to enter the country and become citizens. Majority set strict requirements for the candidates’ professions, ages, and educational backgrounds. If the applicants make an investment or launch a business in Canada, getting a Permanent Residency or Citizenship is simpler and quicker.

All family members, including spouses, common-law partners, and children younger than eight, can receive an instantaneous extension of Canadian citizenship through investment. Adult children must submit a separate application and make a separate investment. Citizenship is transferred to the following generation once it has been acquired. However, the applicant’s and the applicant’s spouse’s parents are ineligible to be listed on the initial application. They can only immigrate to Canada when the investor’s family has done so already.

Citizenship of Canada by investment cannot be obtained until 3 to 5 years have passed since the investment was made. The investors must first submit a request for permanent residency. The applicant must stay in Canada for three years and log at least 183 days there yearly. Only after this may they apply for Canadian citizenship. The investor and their family are granted the same privileges and obligations as Canadian citizens through permanent residence. The only rights that are not included are the ability to vote and hold public office.

The requirements for citizenship through investment in Canada

To attain Canadian citizenship by investment, investment alone is insufficient. The candidates must also meet additional qualifying requirements for Canadian citizenship through investment. The following are the five requirements that you must meet to receive a Canadian passport:

  • Show appropriate business experience per current regulations. Simply put, you must have prior experience operating or managing a qualified company for at least two out of the five years before submitting your application. You can include these on your business plan prepared by Canadian business plan writing services.
  • You and your spouse must have amassed a personal net worth of at least 2 million Canadian dollars through authorized means.
  • Your entire family must show up and pass Canada’s security and medical examinations.
  • You must invest 1.2 million CAD for five years at 0% interest through one of the two Canadian Immigrant Investor Programs. The Government of Canada guarantees that the investment will be completely returned at the end of the investment period.
  • A point-based system will also be used to assess your level of education, age, experience, and time spent in Canada.

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