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Kevin Modany of BlueRock Partners Outlines Most Common Traits For Successful CEOs

by Byrne Anderson
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Finding success at the upper levels of the business world, particularly as a leading executive, is anything but easy. Stress and simple solutions become overwhelmingly difficult to process and navigate, which can leave individuals struggling to progress.

Kevin Modany is an entrepreneur and financial consultant who has plied his trade for years in the field. Developing his skill set, Modany has taken time out of his busy schedule to sketch some of the primary traits that have allowed him to flourish as the Chairman and Managing Director at BlueRock Partners.

Breaking Down the Vision

Kevin Modany believes in planning for success by taking a long view of the situation at hand. Don’t get lost in the granular details, Modany suggests, and instead, take a moment to really think of the big picture. Modany advocates for leaders to take the time to research and better understand the landscape of their industry, emphasizing the importance of preparedness when planning for the future.

The CEO of a business should work in tandem with their executive team to create and help realize the lofty vision that is the big picture for the company. The CEO should work steadfastly to ensure all parties are on the same page and moving forward in lockstep.

Double Down Your Work Ethic

Corporate leaders and business executives didn’t get to where they are by taking the easy road. Business leaders need to be ready to take on long hours, extra duties, and thankless tasks to find success in their chosen field. Kevin Modany heavily stresses the importance of taking a hands-on role in the workplace, even when it would be situationally appropriate for the CEO to take a backseat.

Kevin Modany is a massive believer in corporate leadership through undeniable work ethic, so he suggests setting a high bar when it comes to getting stuff done. Modany also believes it is better to join in on the work rather than micromanage from afar.

Motivate to Collaborate

Working in an office setting or with a team in the wild means taking time to ensure proper collaborative techniques are followed. A great team will make sure that all members are pitching in where and when their strengths allow it. As a corporate leader, Kevin Modany believes it is his job to make sure that his team is working with a ‘win-win’ mindset.

Modany goes on to say, “The objective of a leader should be to get the people so motivated that they want to run through a wall for you.”

More importantly, Kevin Modany suggests that it is important to earn the trust of your colleagues by properly offering them motivation, honesty, transparency, and truth.

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