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How To Sell CBD Legally In The US

by Byrne Anderson
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CBD’s drastic demand provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, CBD’s legality makes it a little complicated for aspiring investors. As one of the many components of cannabis species, a controlled substance, many individuals struggle to establish how to sell CBD in the US legally. Running a CBD wholesale business is profitable considering the burgeoning number of consumers. If you are looking to tap into the growing market, here are ways you can legally sell CBD in the US.

Get a license

CBD is legal; you don’t need a special license. With a standard business reseller’s license, you can set up shop and start selling CBD, including online. Nonetheless, keep in mind that each state has its set of rules. Moreover, you have to adhere to the set limits. CBD is legal, provided the THC content is at or below 0.3%. In states where recreational cannabis is legal, the THC restrictions are friendlier. With the license, you can pursue varying business paths. For instance, you can grow hemp and make the products from scratch, ensuring that you meet the regulatory standards. You can also opt for the CBD private label option, where you partner with a reliable and reputable wholesaler. The bottom line; ensure you understand the licensing requirements, especially as you might need additional permits in certain states to run CBD retail business.

CBD affiliate business

In today’s online-oriented world, you don’t need to set up shop to explore your business side. You can leverage your social reach to make sales and pocket a commission. Social media platforms, blogs, websites, and other channels you use to connect with an audience provide a means to sell CBD in the US legally. You only need to sign up for CBD oil affiliate programs offered by licensed stores. With the affiliate program, you promote their product to your audience, and once they make a purchase, you earn. You sell CBD without worrying about all the legalities as the supplier handles such requirements.


As you dip your toes in the CBD business, you can start small with dropshipping, even without a license. As you build a brand with minimal sales, you can dropship, test the waters, and proceed to get the relevant licensing if it is your thing. Dropshipping’s popularity keeps skyrocketing owing to its many advantages. You don’t need space to hold stock or significant capital to acquire and maintain CBD products. You market the products, and a service fulfills the sale. You’ll sell CBD legally in the US with less friction, as you only need to reach out, market, and win customers.

You don’t need a dispensary to get a share of the growing CBD market. Opulent Organics offers many wholesale programs in each state that can help you sell legally. To have a better idea, have a look at these CBD programs in Nevada and Kentucky. You won’t have to be derailed by the many legal technicalities as you get started. This is especially differentiating between hemp and marijuana CBD products, THC concentration, marketing controls such as making medical claims, and other legal concerns.

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