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Essential Tips for Shipping Delicate Items

by Byrne Anderson
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Shipping delicate items can be a tricky undertaking for people with little experience in this area. While certain items are resilient enough to withstand a rocky journey to their destination, others can become damaged or outright broken in the absence of very specific travel conditions. As such, anyone preparing to send out delicate items would be wise to familiarize themselves with the proper shipping practices. Whether the shipment in question is a personal gift or something work-related, the following tips will help ensure that it reaches its destination in one piece.

Be Mindful of Box Size

When preparing items for shipment, many people have a tendency to use boxes that are too large for the intended cargo. The more free space a box contains, the more room there is for items to incur damage throughout their journey. That being the case, it’s important to select boxes that are only slightly larger than the item(s) being shipped. Furthermore, any free space should be filled with cushioning to absorb shocks. Using a spare box you happen to have on hand may seem like a cost-effective alternative to purchasing one whose size is better suited to the cargo, but having to replace any damaged items is likely to render such savings moot.

Work with a Reliable Shipping Service

As is the case with any type of business, some shipping services are more obliging than others. While certain companies value timeliness and package safety, others are considerably more lax in these areas. The more delicate the cargo, the more important it is to select a shipping service with a proven track record of excellence. Any company you do business with should provide first-rate handling, exhibit a commitment to timeliness and be willing to take responsibility for personnel error. Additionally, to confirm that your preferred shipping service is being as delicate as they claim, consider investing in a good temperature indicator or RFID tag.

Be Upfront

If you expect a delicate package to receive the utmost care and attention throughout its journey, you’ll need to be upfront with your preferred shipping service. If they’re unaware of how fragile your items are, your package is unlikely to receive any special treatment. For example, if your package’s contents are sensitive to extreme temperatures, special storage arrangements may need to be made. However, if you fail to inform a shipping company of this fact, you can’t blame them for storing it in an improper manner and potentially causing damage. With this in mind, make sure your preferred shipping service knows exactly what your packages contain before sending them out.

Delicate items becoming damaged or broken while in transit can be tremendously disappointing for both senders and recipients. While occasional shipping slipups are unavoidable, most incidents are entirely preventable. Although some people make it look difficult, ensuring the safety of delicate packages doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. To help your next package reach its destination in prime condition, put the previously discussed pointers to good use.

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