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Daniel Shin of PortOne Highlights Core Insights for Aspiring Industry Innovators

by Byrne Anderson
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Daniel Shin is an entrepreneur and innovator best known for his work behind the pioneering brands of PortOne Global, Ticket Monster, and Fast Track Asia. An industry expert and insider, Daniel Shin has developed a space within the e-commerce field where his ventures in financial technology have taught him not just valuable business lessons but life lessons as well.

Along the way to climbing the industry ladder, Shin developed his ventures so that he could properly balance his work and his life while also giving his future a chance to shine.

Daniel Shin took some time to highlight a few of the things he learned along the way while sitting down with the team at Digital Connect Magazine.

Building a Better Future With Daniel Shin

First and foremost, Daniel Shin believes that finding the ability to prioritize certain tasks is of the utmost importance — especially for entrepreneurs. Shin understands how easy it can be to get overwhelmed while juggling multiple tasks, particularly before you’ve had the chance to put together a team.

To take control of your career, Shin suggests taking control over how you allocate your time during the day. Shin spends his mornings outlining key tasks he must accomplish for the day.

Daniel Shin says, “Thinking about the 1-2 things that must get done today with priority has been helpful in getting the most important things done while canceling out other noise.”

Hire the Right People For Your Team

Every innovator needs someone by their side that can help them to tackle the tasks ahead. As a result, entrepreneurs like Daniel Shin have become increasingly reliant on hiring the best-fit people in the industry. Outside of operating as a solopreneur, Shin suggests taking time to hire the best people possible.

Daniel Shin says, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life without much friction.”

Look For Unique and Innovative Concepts

The entrepreneurial space is brimming with individuals looking to leave their mark on it. In order to find success in such an over-saturated space, Daniel Shin suggests that entrepreneurs aim to differentiate themselves by focusing on new and forward-thinking concepts.

Shin says, “If I could go back, I would choose where to fight and where to retreat to strategically pick my battles with the long-term in mind.”

Shin learned the lesson of providing unique solutions when he was running Ticket Monster. Growing the company from a team of 5 to more than 1,300 people required Shin to evolve the platform, giving customers something new and different. Through his innovative work, Shin was able to turn TMON into a giant that integrated several verticals against competing industries.

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