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The Best Industries to Get into in the Los Angeles Area

by Byrne Anderson
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Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the country, so it’s a good thing that its job market is thriving!  Whether you’re interested in technology, fashion, entertainment, or transportation: there’s a job waiting here for you.

These are the top industries in LA and why they’re hot jobs to get.  


It’s no surprise that the entertainment industry is front and center!  LA considers itself the home of entertainment, offering a haven to filmmakers, writers, and studios for any kind of media you could think of.

These massive companies, like Fox, Disney, Paramount, NBC, and Sony, shape many of the laws and regulations the city puts in place.  You can also find major hands in the music business called Los Angeles home as well.


If you’re eager to find a job that will let you afford some of the best houses for rent in Los Angeles, it’s time to check out the bioscience industry!  The main companies relevant to this research are the UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Hospitals.  These research facilities set the pace during COVID-19’s earliest months and continue to be strides ahead of many other institutions.

This is an incredible industry to work in, offering the chance to gain tons of perks and have job security unlike anything else.


If you live in LA, you’re going to think about traffic all the time.  Although it’s not as bad as San Diego, Los Angeles has some really rough traffic and has put in a strong public transit industry.

Thanks to the push for better transit, this is the area that’s advanced electric vehicles, smart cars, zero-emission buses, and investment in greener automotive designs.  Companies like Honda, Ford, and Tesla are all working to create a better city with easier transit for everyone. 


Whether you’re interested in SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed, or Virgin Galactic, you’ll find countless industry positions and influences in Los Angeles.  Nasa even has a research center in Palmdale, where many atmosphere flight and research operations continue to this day.

There’s a massive number of engineers and incredibly technical professionals who call this area home.  This is the county that leads research in robotic missions to mars, so don’t be surprised if you hear news of this industry often.  


There’s nothing like the fashion industry in Los Angeles.  This entire city is on a global stage, home to some of the largest fashion brands in the world, like Chanel, Forever 21, and BCBG.  This is an extremely fashion-forward city, and it works for hand in hand with the other industries on this list.

From costuming and clothing for entertainment, better suit design for aerospace use, uniforms for transit, and safety gear for bioscience studies, there’s no industry that fashion doesn’t have its hands on This is one of the most steadily hiring industries, giving you a chance to slip into it with nearly any education and role.  Whether you’re an engineer or a graphic designer, there’s a job for you in fashion.

Los Angeles is Hiring! 

Los Angeles is an expensive place to live, but it’s worth every penny.  If you’re ready to move somewhere inspiring and incredible, it’s time to get your ticket to LA!

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