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Goodbye Startup: An Affordable Alternative To Expensive Bankruptcy Lawyers

by Byrne Anderson
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A Goodbye startup is among the few complete bankruptcy processes available today that are tech-enabled. This startup uses a blend of experts and software to give entrepreneurs an easy time when shutting down their businesses.

Fortunately, there are various alternatives to hiring expensive bankruptcy lawyers, and below, we discuss the startup shutdown with Goodbye Startup.

Bankruptcy creates grief and fear in the financial world, but it is not the end of the world. Bankruptcy might be the best option for you, but the other top considerations are;

1.     Debt Consolidation

Undoubtedly, this is the most efficient alternative to bankruptcy and is among the most common techniques. Debt consolidation allows business owners to make low payments to their creditors instead of paying different prices simultaneously.

Business owners can approach this option in different ways. First, they can seek help from a financial organization even though it might affect their credit score. The best way to handle this is by taking out a loan to clear your debts.Goodbye Startup can help, and you should contact bankruptcy experts for the best results.

2.     Negotiate With Your Creditors Directly

The second-best alternative to expensive bankruptcy attorneys is negotiating directly with your creditors. This might shock you, but most creditors prefer to deal with you directly. This is mainly true when you have unexpectedly lost your source of income or experienced a medical emergency.

Business owners might also consider restructuring their debt as a cheaper alternative. This option almost resembles debt consolidation. But entrepreneurs get in touch with the creditors and develop a new payment plan.

This option is efficient as it facilitates low payments and allows business owners to clear their debt quickly.

3.     Financial Management

This is an option all business owners should look at despite their financial situation. Managing your funds properly is essential, as it helps you to stay out of debt and avoid bankruptcy. Business owners might either look for a financial partner or utilize the various financial planning programs.

There are various financial management tools today, and most are free. Contact us for more information on how to dissolve a corporation in New Jersey.

4.     Credit Counseling

Entrepreneurs should consider seeking help from a renowned credit counseling agency whenever they feel their debts are beginning to go out of control. These services are readily available and can help you review your income, thus helping you to develop a budget.

Credit counselors might also help business owners to develop a program with their creditors; suppose their circumstances need more than prudent planning.

5.     Debt Consolidation

Business owners might be able to avoid bankruptcy with the help of debt consolidation, especially when they foresee challenges in clearing their debts. This process enables them to move their high credit card interest with loans repayable in monthly installments.

Applying for a personal loan lowers your interest costs, making it a cheaper alternative to expensive lawyers.

Final Thoughts

Starting and running a business is challenging, explaining why most fail during their initial stages. The above article has discussed the easy way to dissolve an llc, and more information is available online.

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