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7 Stunning Trade Show Booth Display Ideas

by Byrne Anderson
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Is your company going to be setting up shop at a trade show sometime soon? If you are, you’re going to want to try to make the most of it by doing whatever you have to do to stand out in the crowd.

This is going to start with creating a great trade show booth display. The best trade show displays are the ones that turn plenty of heads and get people talking about them at the same time.

It’s not always easy to make your mark with a trade show booth display. Every company at a trade show is, after all, going to be trying to come up with an amazing trade show booth.

But there are steps that you can take to separate your trade show backdrop from all the rest of the trade show exhibits out there. Here are seven trade show booth display ideas that you should consider using.

1. Turning One of the Products That Your Company Sells Into a Trade Show Booth

Does your company specialize in selling one particular product that is specific to your business? If so, you might want to kick around the idea of supersizing it and turning it into a trade show booth display.

If, for example, your company sells tires, you could theoretically have a gigantic tire made and use it as your trade show booth display. This is definitely going to jump onto people’s radars right away and make your trade show booth super unique right from the start.

2. Transforming a Vintage Vehicle Into a Trade Show Booth

People walk by vehicles outside all the time without batting an eye. But for whatever reason, when you bring a vehicle inside, it’s impossible for people to stop gawking at it.

You might want to take advantage of this by taking a vintage vehicle and transforming it into a trade show booth display for your company. This would be perfect if your company sells tires or something else related to automobiles.

You’re going to be able to draw lots of people in based on their natural curiosity when it comes to cars. Then, you’ll be able to chat with them about your company and what it can bring to the table for them.

3. Setting Up Comfortable Seating Throughout Your Trade Show Booth

If you have ever spent time walking around at a trade show, you know how tiring it can be. At some point, you just want to grab a seat and take a load off for a few minutes to give your achy feet a break.

The problem, of course, is that there isn’t always somewhere to sit when you’re at a trade show. So you should think about making this less of an issue for people by incorporating comfortable seating into your trade show booth display.

You’ll be surprised to see how many people stop by your booth simply to sit in your seats for a little while. It’ll make your booth a very popular place to be.

4. Creating a Living Wall Within Your Trade Show Booth

Would you like to—quite literally—bring your trade show booth display to life? Then you should consider working a living wall into the mix when you’re creating it.

It’s very easy to create a living wall through the use of fresh fruits, fresh flowers, and more. You’ll make your trade show booth display look alive by utilizing these types of things when you’re setting up your booth.

5. Lining the Walls of Your Trade Show Booth With Your Company’s Products

You’re obviously going to be attending a trade show in the first place to try and sell people on the products that your company has to offer. So why not make sure that those products are front and center at all times?

You can do this pretty easily by setting up walls within your booth and lining them with your products. The more products that you can squeeze up onto the walls, the better. It’ll make them very visible and create a cool aesthetic for your booth as a whole.

6. Hanging Items From the Top of Your Trade Show Booth

If you don’t love the idea of putting your company’s products up on the wall, how about hanging them from the top of your trade show booth display? This is another way to make them way more visually appealing than they would be otherwise.

People are going to become curious about what it is that you have hanging down over the top of their heads. It’ll draw their eyes up to the different items that you want them to learn more about.

7. Closing Off Your Trade Show Booth From the Rest of a Trade Show

It’s going to be difficult for people to find peace and quiet when they’re at a trade show. There will be people talking around them all the time.

With this in mind, you might want to consider creating a closed-off trade show booth display that will allow people to step away from all the noise for a few moments. It’s just one more way to separate your booth from the pack.

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Use These Trade Show Booth Ideas to Your Advantage at Your Company’s Next Event

The next time your company attends a trade show, you should go all out with your trade show booth display. You should put together plans for a trade show booth that will blow all the other booths there out of the water.

You can do this by putting some of the trade show booth display ideas found here to the test. You can also do it by investing in high-quality trade show banners that you can hang up. It’ll make your booth extra special and ensure that no one misses it during a trade show.

Learn about some of the other ways that your business can stand out at a trade show by browsing through the rest of the great articles found on our blog.

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