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7 Most Sought-After Coworking Spaces in Kolkata

by Byrne Anderson
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The vibe of coworking spaces is entirely different to traditional office environments. Featuring both regular workstations and private offices, as well as open desks, multi-office desks and collaboration rooms. Coworking spaces provide a lot of value for workers who want to work independently and those who want to be constantly networking. Whatever the case, the opportunity to network or socialize is always there.

Why Are People Gravitating Towards Coworking Spaces?
● Coworking spaces filter out the distractions that come with working from home or coffee shops
● They’re a lot more cost-effective than leasing out an office
● Multiple types of workstations to use when your space requirements change
● Plenty of networking opportunities provide more business value
● Plenty of social opportunities increases the wellbeing of coworking members
Thanks to the rising trend of coworking spaces, there are several coworking spaces in Kolkata. To help you choose the best coworking space in your locality, we’ve compiled this list discussing the most popular coworking spaces in the city:
1. Nwook
Are you into coworking places that are super-clean, tidy, centrally-located and budget-friendly? Then you have to check out the coworking culture at Nwook, located in Bhawanipore. Being well located and connected with the different posh areas of the city, Nwook thrives on an ambiance of productivity and creativity. Nwook pricing comes up at INR 40/- to 80/- per hour.
Nwook coworking is located on the opposite side of Purna Cinema, 450 meters from the Netaji Bhavan Metro Railway Station in Bhawanipore, Dalhousie, Sector-5, Salt Lake.
2. SmartWorks
Headquartered in Noida, Smartworks is an inspiring coworking space in Sector-5, Salt Lake. This is one of those places that is created for the people who have a strong creative side. Its bright-colored interior, conference rooms, serviced cafe, gaming room and courier services make it a very convenient space. The space even has a full-time gofer to take care of any little tasks you have to do, such as getting a cheque deposited or getting food to your desk. Apart from the amenities, the community at SmartWorks is strong and is full of freelancers, startups and corporate entities.

There’s more! SmartWorks is the only coworking space in Kolkata that has puppy therapy, music therapy, pizza-eating contests, and other activities that help you de-stress and create a community. While their monthly price starts from INR 5,000/- a month, they also offer custom memberships.
3. Awfis
As the name suggests, this coworking space tries to bring the ‘awe’ factor into offices and comes highly recommended by many. From neatly organized desks, energetic interiors and hi-infrastructure facilities, the vibe at Awfis has a warm and inspiring touch to it. The amenities include a calming cafeteria, a superfast courier service, safe and secure storage spaces and a high-speed WiFi connection.

In Kolkata, Awfis is located in three different locations: Camac Street, Rajarhat and Salt Lake. The coworking spaces are super-affordable, prices starting at INR 300/- per day, with other additional charges (requirement dependant).
4. Regus
The Regus coworking spaces are known as a premium option in the coworking spaces of Kolkata. Regus is located at many places in the city, namely: Camac Street, Shakespeare Sarani, Dr. Ambedkar Sarani, RDB Boulevard and Sector-5 in Salt Lake. From high-speed unlimited WiFi, lavish interiors, fully furnished rooms, and lounge areas, these coworking spaces are favored by prominent entrepreneurs and freelancers. A big benefit of Regus is its custom-made hiring memberships, these won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

The amenities at Regus include: state-of-the-art conference rooms, smart cafes, high-speed internet, printing, courier services and gaming rooms.
5. EasyDaftar
Talk about convenience in coworking places and you get EasyDaftar! One of the first coworking spaces in Kolkata, EasyDaftar believes in bringing first-generation entrepreneurs to work together in ergonomic ambiance. Located in Rashbehari, Park Street and Salt Lake, EasyDaftar provides all kinds of necessities like comfortable workstations, professional meeting rooms, meals, complimentary drinking water, and informal meeting areas at an exceptionally cost-effective price. Don’t have a laptop? Don’t worry, at EasyDaftar, you can get laptops on rent even for a day with added IT and admin support. The best part you ask? Student and women entrepreneurs get an extra discount on all packages!

Amenities include high-speed internet services, laptops/computers on rent, comfortable desks and sofas, spacious conference rooms, workstation meals (charged monthly), professional and presentable interiors. The base price packages start at INR 3,500/-.
6. Zioks
Located at Sector-5, Salt Lake, Zioks is an upcoming coworking space with a minimalist design meant to keep coworkers deep-rooted in their work. From a centrally located new building with elegant glass walls, Zioks will provide a shared coworking space complete with all premium services including ergonomic seating options, recreational rooms, on-site cafeteria, daycare, round-the-clock member access for an additional fee, medical room, gym, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Launching this April, the team at Zioks hopes to build a robust coworking community that is well suited for both solopreneurs and startups. The overall monthly price of the space is available upon request.
7. Coworkyard
Based upon the concept of ‘Cubicles are boring’, Coworkyard is among those coworking spaces that give you the liberty to work without restraints — be it from cubicles or high charges for services.

The fundamental amenities offered include eclectic interiors, super-fast WiFi, heating and air conditioning systems, inspiring lounges, free coffee and drinking water. Coworkyard also has an energetic cafe filled with a budding community.

Located in Park Street, Coworkyard is a great for freelancers, interns, and educators who can collaborate and work together and build strong networks. The base price package starts at INR 4,999/-, additional costs depend on the services you require.

Finding the right coworking place for you in Kolkata may take some time, be patient! One thing that we can be sure of, is that more people are realizing the benefits of coworking. Coworking communities in Kolkata will continue to get stronger every day and provide solutions for freelancers, startups, small businesses and even corporations. We hope that we’ve helped you find the right coworking space!

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