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5 Ways SEO and Social Media Work Together to Boost Engagement

by Byrne Anderson
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Does social media have a direct impact on search engine rankings? The reality is that social media plays a huge role in helping companies and organizations get their content to a larger audience – in a way that benefits SEO including things like backlinks, engagement signals, and branded queries for search engines. Understanding both aspects of SEO and social media marketing and accounts will help brands perform better on both sides and create more targeted content. Here are a couple of ways how social media and SEO work together to help you understand what your audience needs and deliver that to them.

  • Social media can improve SEO ranking signals

Even if shares aren’t a huge factor, things like time on the page and the number of visitors to a website are big. For that reason, social media helps SEO by improving the metrics that impact the rankings. Social media drives more consumers and engagement to your search-optimized pages, improving both your ranking, visibility, and engagement. If you target the right people on social media with relevant and engaging content, they will visit and stay longer on your website, this, in turn, can help with the Google search rankings. Visits from users on social media can influence your page time and increase your bounce rate which can help boost traffic and signals to Google that your website is worth ranking.

  • Posting on social handles gets your content indexed faster

Social media handles with new or refreshed content shared on sites liked LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter help your pages to get indexed on Google much faster. It gives Google the signal that there is a page that needs to be crawled and re-indexed. It’s important to boost your content as fast as possible on all your social handles, the more you do this, the better sources of traffic you will get.

  • Social interaction can help improve your SEO content

Things like the click-through rates in SERPS, bounce rates, time on site, and pages are all pieces of data that search engines like Google use to rank content. If your eCommerce web development company helps you to improve these metrics, it will be by testing and measuring your interactions on social media. Marketers should use their brand’s social communities to test different pieces of content and find out which ones get the best engagement – these can be structured in a certain way and can be used to improve your SEO title and meta description.

  • Social media helps to identify your audience for SEO

One of the best things about social media is that it helps you to learn who your audience is, what they need, what products or services they like and dislike. An SEO agency can help you to profile your audience based on their activity on social media so that you will have no issue finding keywords to target that are super relevant and tailored to your niche audience. This knowledge paired up with promoting content in certain places online will increase your SEO success. Writing blogs, articles, and more will help fine-tune your SEO strategy especially if the links are shared on social media. Companies looking to improve their social listings need to take the time to see what their target audience wants and give it to them.

  • Socialmedia can help generate new content

Besides posting on social media, you need to take the time to comment, like, share, and engage with consumers on a personal level. You also need to make a list of original comments and questions they would normally ask about new blog posts, product descriptions, and other website content so that it can help generate new content for your SEO.

The Bottom Line

SEO and social media are the two sides of one coin when it comes to marketing, the retargeting is all about making sure you use both audiences to grow the traffic to the other platform. This will give you a good chance to get more traffic to your website and your target audience. Most business owners focus only on their website or online on social media, but you can use both these assets to improve engagement, increase visibility, and retarget the audience.

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