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5 Tell-A-Tale Signs That You Need A Pest Control Company

by Byrne Anderson
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Many homeowners are unsure if they should call a pest control service for their house. After all, how do you know if you really have unwanted pests at home? Beyond the obvious sign of spotting pests in rooms, especially in kitchen, garage, and storeroom, there are also other signs to watch for. It is quite possible that you are probably overanalyzing the situation, but even in that case, hiring a professional service like Suffolk Pest Control is recommended to get things checked. In this post, we are discussing a few tell-a-tale signs that you must call a pest control company.

  • You find first signs of pests. Pests do leave behind evidence, such as droppings and body parts. For example, you may not be quick at spotting rats, mice, and insects in plain sight, but you may find fur, or even scratches on furniture. Droppings and urine are usually the first signs that you have pests at home.
  • Watch out for gnaw marks. Pests obviously need food to survive, and you can find gnaw marks on garbage bags and food packets that are left in the open. In case of rats and some insects, you may even find that a part of the packaging is missing.
  • Check for damage to wood surfaces. Termites, for instance, can cause damage to wood and furniture items. You may also see damage to wooden flooring, and in many cases, rodents are capable of chewing the drywall and electrical wires.

  • You have been noticing weird sounds at night. Insects like roaches may not make a noise, but with rodents, you can almost hear weird sounds at night. If you have been suspecting a rodent infestation case, you are probably right.
  • You have found nests. Rats and mice often make home inside your home, and if these rodents have been in the house for long, you might be lucky to even find a litter. Most of the time, these rodents make home in places that are not in plain sight, so the attic or unused garage are likely signs.

Finally, you may also find weird smell and odor in the house when the infestation is extreme. Don’t wait for things to get worse. Check online to find a pest control company near me, and contact the experts immediately for an inspection. If you fix the pest problem early on, you can actually save huge in the long run.

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