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5 Reasons Why your toilet keeps clogging

by Byrne Anderson
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A clogged toilet is a messy and embarrassing experience. The hassle gets real when you have to keep getting a plunger daily or weekly to do away with a clogged toilet, but the clog won’t go away. The toilet being the most used house fixture, this can be a frustrating period.

Reasons for a clogged toilet revolve around the elements you dispose of in the toilet. To fix some of these problems, you ought to change some household habits, and that will be it.

However, some problems need a professional such as Plumber Chino hills to get the reason behind your toilet backing up and to have it fixed. Here are the 5 common reasons why your toilet is continuously clogging.

Excess Use of Toilet Paper It is one of the paramount reasons why your toilet keeps clogging. Although tissue can always be flushed down without any problem, too much can cause recurrent clogs. This is due to excess tissue sticking in the sewer line or the toilet.

Also, different toilet paper brands have different dissolving abilities. To avoid this in the future, use a quality toilet paper brand and educate your family on the need to use adequate tissue.

  1. Disposing Non-flushable Substances in the Toilet

A toilet is designed for human waste and tissue paper disposal only! Items that do not dissolve are meant for the garbage. Common items that clog toilets include tampons, condoms, dental floss, wipes, cotton balls, etc. A key point to note is the so-called “flushable wipes” are not flushable and are the most common “culprits” of clogged toilets. To prevent flushing un-flushable materials, keep a waste bin in the toilet and throw your waste there.

  1. Blocked Plumbing Vent

Most toilets have vents to sanction fresh air in the plumbing system, thus enhancing the good smell in the home. However, as time goes by, vents get blocked by bird nests, leaves, and other foreign materials. A blocked plumbing vent, in turn, leads to a recurring clogged toilet. Signs that you have vent clogs are odour in the house or slow drainage all-around your home. To unblock the vent, it is best if you contact a professional plumber to clear it.

  1. Sewer Line Clog

A sewer line clog can cause a clogging toilet. Common causes of sewer line clogs are a blocked drainage, growth of tree roots, or flushed items sticking in the sewer line. To eliminate sewer clogs, hire a professional to identify the clogged part and remove the clog.

  1. Inadequate Water in the Tank

When the tank’s supply line lacks enough water, the bowl will not receive enough water as you flush. To ensure the water supply is enough, ensure the knob is fully open. Also, enquire from a plumber about the best rubber float level for your tank.

Bottom Line

A continuous clogging toilet causes inconveniences and may lead to significant problems, especially when not urgently repaired. The best thing is, clogging toilets can be resolved once and for all. Do not wait till the damage is very expensive in a way you cannot handle. Contact a plumber and let them get the reason behind the recurring clogging problem, repair it, and turn the problem a non-issue.

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