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4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Fuel Card For Your Fleet

by Byrne Anderson
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 Fleet managers everywhere are trying to cut own down on the rising costs that are associated with fleet operations. One of the most significant expenses that fleet owners and managers incur is the purchase of fuel.

Because of fuel being a significant purchase in fleet management, it is crucial to employ specific tactics that can help in reducing these costs or managing the purchases significantly. One of the ways in which fleet managers help a business to manage fleet fuel consumption is by using fleet management programmes,

A fleet management programme may enlist the help of a fuel card service provider to help them manage the issues that come up with purchasing large amounts of fuel.

These cards come with many potential benefits, and some of them are discussed below. 

  1. They Help To Save Time On Administrative Tasks

Administrative Tasks that fleet managers may find mundane and time-consuming include filing of invoices and creating fleet reports. 

These kinds of jobs take a lot of time to do. 

With the usage of cards for fuel, fleet managers are able to take on other tasks like fuel reconciliation and work more effectively.

Cards remove the need for unnecessary paperwork and ensure that invoices and reports required by managers are compiled in a central report.

  1. Eliminate Cash Payments Thereby Reducing Fraud

When a fleet company eliminates the need for using cash payments by their driver, they also help to prevent employee fraud. Fuel cards can only be used for fuel purchases, and they give very detailed reports on how they are used.

Additionally, they are much safer to carry around than cash, and this also reduces stress on the drivers that may be caused by fear of theft from carrying large amounts of money. 

  1. Standard Fuel Prices 

When applying for a card for fuel, one of the benefits you will enjoy is a flat rate on fuel. This will enable you to plan better for your fleets fuel needs. You will also save a lot of money with fuel cards because some providers can supply your fuel at wholesale prices.

  1. Your Payments Are Secure

Fuel cards ultimately eliminate the need for a fleet to carry cash for fuel payments. They work just like a credit card does. You purchase and the card company bills you within a given period.

Additionally, because they come with an individual PIN that can only be used by the carrier, cards are very secure. Only the person who was given the card can purchase fuel using it. In case of any irregular purchases, it is easy to track the individual who used the card.

  1. Rewards Programme 

Some fuel cards come with loyalty programmes and points. This means that when you use the card, you get a certain number of points for the amount of fuel purchased.

 Think of an incentive for using the card. Other than points that you can redeem in supermarkets, cards can reward you with great discounts and this, in turn, helps you to save money.

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