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Tips to Move With Pets 

by Byrne Anderson
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Moving homes is such a tasking process. For most people, the first consideration is to avoid mishaps like breakages and damage to the items. However, if you have a pet then you have to plan for them as you move. The move can be as stressful to the pet just as it is to you.

Here are some of the tips to move seamlessly when you own a pet.

  • Prepare the pets 

The first step when moving with pets is to ensure they are comfortable, and the best way to ensure their comfort is to prepare them early enough. Start by introducing slight changes in the house like removing boxes. The pet will notice changes and stay alert to the new introductions.

This is also the time to introduce the pet to leisure walks. For most pets, moving out of the home only means a visit to the vet. However, if you engage in leisure walks from time to time then they stay open to various possibilities.

  • Keep them away from the scene 

If you are looking to make your move easier then find a way to keep the pet away when you are packing and preparing. Imagine having to keep yelling at the pet every few minutes to vacate from the items you are packing. Within no time you will be frustrated and become susceptible to lapses leading to damages.

Consider keeping the dog in a kennel the whole period. You can also clear a room earlier when you will keep the pets while working on the other items. Better still, work with a moving company with special pet control mechanisms when moving.

  • Contact a vet 

Visiting is crucial when moving with a pet. The pet has all the medical and vaccination of the pet. They will advise on how to care for the pet when moving and in the new residence. They might also recommend you to another vet in your new neighborhood.

  • Move them on your vehicle 

The last thing you want for your pet is to move them together with the other household items. The strange setup can be unsettling for them, and it also comes with the risk of falling items. Instead, opt to transport them in your vehicle.

For the smaller dogs and cats, you can have them in the back seat of the vehicle. For bigger dogs, keep them in a kennel then place them on the back of the vehicle. The pet will always stay calm as long as they can feel you around.

  • Update their info

Immediately you move to a new place, consider updating the pet’s bio as soon as possible. Let the new telephone, location, and other details reflect the new details. It’s easier for pets to get lost in a new neighborhood. The updated info increases the chances of finding them.

Bottom Line 

Just like humans, moving can take a toll on pets. You can help make the experience smoother on them by preparing them for the move. Also, speak to the vet for care tips during movement and work with a professional moving company with pet handling expertise.

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