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5 IT Services That you Can Outsource

by Byrne Anderson
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If you run a business, you probably feel that there aren’t enough hours in a day, with so much to do and arrange, while there are many services that you can actually outsource to a third-party provider. Every business and organisation requires a strong digital presence and with that in mind, here are some IT services that you can outsource to specialist providers.

  1. SEO Services – Unless you happen to be an SEO technician, you wouldn’t know enough about Google’s complex algorithms to achieve a high ranking within specific Google searches. Search online for a leading SEO agency and let them handle all of your digital marketing and that leaves you free to focus on improving the customer experience.
  2. Data Storage – Every single business collects data and the longer you’ve been in business, the more data you have to store. There are providers of a data center in Thailand, where you can store all of your critical business data and it will be safe from hackers. Data centers need top-rated climate control and the provider would have a range of packages to suit every business.
  3. Cloud Network – Most businesses have already migrated their business data to a secure cloud network and if you approach a managed IT service provider, they can create and administrate a secure cloud network that your business can use. There are many benefits to migrating to the cloud; all authorised users can access the data from any location using any device and the network can be used for business communication with VoIP technology and that will save you a fortune on telephone calls.
  4. Web Administration – If you don’t have a webmaster and find it time-consuming to manage the business website, why not outsource it to a web hosting service? For a small fee, they will manage your site, posting new content when requested and making sure that all patches and updates are installed. You certainly can do without your website going offline for any reason and when the site is administrated by an expert, you can rest assured all is well.
  5. Cyber-Security – You need a lot more than a basic anti-virus program to protect your critical business data and talking to a managed IT service provider would lead to a package whereby all cyber-security would be handled on your behalf.

Outsourcing empowers the small business owner to compete with established companies, plus it ensures that you offer a second-to-none service to your customers.

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