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Tips to Buy Used Pallet Warehouse Racking 

by Byrne Anderson
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A sturdy and durable warehousing racking is necessary for any warehouse. With the right warehouse racking, you will store your products for the needed duration without risking injuries or damage to the items.

For most businesses, a used pallet racking is an ideal option to help cut costs. Still, you have to get everything right for the appropriate pallet racking. Some of the factors to consider when buying the used pallets include;

  • The reputation of the seller 

One of the first considerations when buying used pallets is the supplier. With companies coming up all over, various suppliers are also launching to provide for the increasing warehouse solutions demand. While most of these new companies will promise top quality, they might not have the capacity to deliver.

Do not rely fully on the company’s postings on the website or social media. Instead, reach out to understand their capacity. Look into some of their previous projects to determine if they match what you need. You have to make sure the racking matches the descriptions as advertised.

  • Your budget

How much you are willing to spend is crucial when shopping for wooden pallets. There are cases when used pallets are not cheaper than new ones. As such you first have to understand the cost of purchasing and installing a new one compared to the used ones.

Having a larger warehouse or needing a specifying type of pallet racking can increase your expenses as you have to various stores. Include the other possible costs like the need for repairs and fixings. Only commit to the used pallets if all the costs involved are lesser than having a new one.

  • Permitting 

Before you can install a warehouse storage facility, there is the need for permitting. You have to determine if the used pallet meets the regulatory standards for the permit. For a new pallet, you are always sure of standards. For the used options, it becomes a little tricky.

Confirm the specifications of the racking to help the engineer establish the seismic calculations and stamped structural compilation. Most of the used racks come with no identifying marks that make it strenuous to evaluate.

  • Your floor plan 

Warehouses don’t have any standard structural measures. As such you can never have any equal racking needs to other warehouses. The other difference comes in form of the products you deal in. Understand your warehouse needs before you buy the used pallet racking. Observe the unused spaces, vertical opportunities, areas around the aisle, and any unused space within the warehouse.

With information on what you need you will buy the right racking option.

Bottom Line 

If you acquire warehouse storage facilities from time to time you might have been discouraged from buying used pallets before. Most of the time, the susceptibility of pallets to damage is touted as the reason. You might also be warned on durability and permit concerns.

However, not all used pallets should spell doom to your facility. Also, not everyone has the money to afford new racking pallets.  Use the above tips to help you land used pallets fitting your facility.

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