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5 Least Known Ways You Might be Harming Your Trees 

by Byrne Anderson
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Everyone wants to take care of trees as they do nothing but give useful by-products to humans. Most people are willing to go to any length to ensure the trees grow to extreme heights. However, there is the possibility that some of your otherwise innocent actions might be harming the tree.

Here are some of the ways you are harming your trees.

  1. Covering roots

There is always the urge to cover some of the unsightly tree roots. This is always in the hope to gain more ambiance. Well, it is not the right way to care for the tree. No cover can stop a tree root from growing. With a cover on, the tree will have to struggle to grow through it which might stunt the growth.

  1. Tying a dog

Tying a dog to a tree seems like a harmless action. You most probably believe the dog has no weight to mess up the tree. However, you are yet to picture it from the point of the dog rubbing itself against the tree. The tagging and jumping also interfere with the back of the tree. As the first line of defense for the tree, the interference exposes it to various adverse conditions.

  1. Poor pruning 

While pruning is one of the tree care tips, not all pruning is right. Over-pruning, the tree does more harm than good to the tree. The pruning seasons also matters. For example, pruning in winter or fall can leave the tree weak and vulnerable.

Most people never understand the best seasons to prune. To avoid any harm to the tree, let a professional tree removal company handle the tree care. They have the expertise on the right time and procedure for pruning.

  1. Girdling a tree

Girdling in trees involves removing a thin layer from the back. Most farmers do it on fruit plants to increase production. The other girdling option involves covering the back of the tree with a tree to avoid cuts from lawn mowers or weed whackers.

Removing the back of the tree interferes with the transfer of food from the roots to the leaves. The plastic on the back of the tree covers the base of the trunk cutting off nutrient supply. Both of these lead to the slow death of the tree.

  1. Planting trees near power lines

Around power lines is not the best place to grow your trees. Most people may be due to ignorance goes ahead and plant trees at these places. However, once they become tall, the power company would not spare it. It is a risk in case of falling.

If you are not ready to spend time tendering to a tree then eventually it’s being cut then avoid planting next to power lines. If you have to then go for the naturally shorter plants.

Bottom Line 

Most people genuinely love tendering to plants. However, out of the various way you care for the plant, you might be doing more harm than good. Look into the various tree care best practices to ensure healthy, taller, and properly growing trees.

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