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Marketing mayhem?  Outsource your telemarketing services

by Byrne Anderson
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Marketing your brand is a challenging task — it takes time, money and strategy to reach out to your potential Target Group. However, there are types of less-expensive, yet efficient, marketing techniques that are being considered redundant and gradually being neglected. It’s called telemarketing.

Businesses have their own doubts. Doesn’t answering calls, attending to customers and retrieving data have an impact on the productivity of employees? Besides, telemarketing is widely popular for those boring cold calls, robot calls or marketing pitching calls. In simple terms, it is considered an ancient form of marketing medium. Or is it?

Telemarketing solutions have evolved to suit the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s audience, such as voicemail, VoIP, video calls and so on. The medium is finding innovative ways to entice listeners into buying products and services. Though one bad instance of a telemarketing campaign may have a negative impact on your company, it’s highly effective if done correctly.

You can outsource telemarketing to save costs and ensure maximum ROI than other marketing channels.

Customer care:

Outbound telemarketing services companies provide tailor-made solutions to address customer issues and deliver superior quality customer care to those who request a call back for more information. Besides, these companies allow clients to meet customer needs promptly and thereby ensure better retention rates.

Lead generation:

By building on the extensive experience in handling cold calling for international clients, outsource telemarketing companies create a lead generation process that delivers high-quality results every single time.

Appointment setting:

With a robust and efficient process for setting B2C and B2B appointments, telemarketing companies ensure that clients meet or talk to the right prospects every time and get the most opportunities to generate revenue.

Lead qualification:

Outsource telemarketing companies have lead qualification processes in place driven by experts with years of experience. They’re backed by tried and tested processes for identifying and qualifying leads, thereby ensuring maximum conversion rates.

Cross-selling services:

Creating and monitoring an effective cross-selling process is part of telemarketing companies. They rely on market trends and research to develop customized cross-selling strategies for clients that are implemented in the most effective way.


Telemarketing solution providers offer up-selling services that are designed to keep customers engaged with the products without turning off, and also ensure that their interests remain the same on additional products too.

Inbound Telemarketing:

Full-fledged telemarketing companies possess decades of inbound telemarketing experience, which is crucial in dealing with every unique telemarketing need in a responsive fashion. Each call is treated as an opportunity to impress callers and to convert them into customers.

Outbound Telemarketing:

Telemarketing solution providers employ experts with several decades of experience to drive outbound telemarketing campaigns and ensure that the right target demographic is reached with the correct script. Leads generated through this process guarantee the best possible results for a company.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Technical Support:

The telemarketing companies have extensive experience in delivering technical support that extends over tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Trained and certified professionals ensure that the customers’ queries and issues are handled quickly and downtime is minimized.

Information Blitz:

Outsourced telemarketing services companies are equipped to create and manage information blitzes for clients, and have the expertise and agents to handle them effortlessly, and generate positive word-of-mouth among prospective customers.

Telemarketing Consulting:

The telemarketing companies are perfectly equipped to handle requests for telemarketing consulting. Professionally trained agents supervise and setup campaigns and ensure that clients get the most out of their investment.

Below are the benefits of employing outsourcing telemarketing activities:

  • Cost-saving and Cost-effective:
    • Outsourced Telemarketing services are the most cost-effective way of generating leads in bulks, as it can be outsourced on an hourly basis or on bi-monthly, six-monthly or yearly contracts depending upon business size and marketing goals
  • Hiring a telemarketer on the payroll involves higher overheads and expenses associated with the same. However, an outsourced telemarketing service (with reliable and experienced company) can deliver desired results, generate higher leads at a lower cost and a much faster rate
  • Time-saving channel:
    • Telemarketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach the target audience and launch a marketing campaign
  • It maintains high-quality sales with a pipeline of warm and hot leads
  • It helps sales teams save a lot of time following up, chasing calls, making cold calls and so on, thereby helping them channelize their time on other sales activities
  • Maximizes ROI:
    • Companies offering outsourced telemarketing services have a track record of delivering maximum ROI
  • As they’re hired on a contractual basis, it reduces the employee hiring overheads
  • Outsourced telemarketing is consistent, reliable and quick in delivering desired results.
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