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by Byrne Anderson
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Choosing the right material has been a tough task for most of the students. Students can feel stress during exams. But with the right guidance and material, Students can prepare for the board exams wisely without much stress and pressure. Students preparing for board exams are recommended to follow NCERT solutions as it is the most important and best material available online. NCERT solutions are considered as the best friend for the students appearing for board exams. It helps the students to prepare for their exams in a much better and effective way.

Here is some importance of NCERT Solutions for Board exams:

  1.     Follows CBSE syllabus: NCERT solutions follow the guidelines of the CBSE. It covers the entire CBSE syllabus and is prepared according to the respective subject syllabus and provides students with proper guidance and a thorough learning process. For subjects like Maths, NCERT Solutions helps the students to prepare effortlessly for their Maths exam as the tough problems are explained in a simple and easy way.
  2.     Strengthens your basics: NCERT solutions are framed by the subject experts after thorough research. Topic-wise and chapter-wise solutions are provided for every question in the NCERT textbooks. The solutions are written in step by step and detailed manner but in easy and simple language with the aim to make sure students can understand easily. With the help of these solutions, students can develop their skills along with logical and reasoning skills. All the information is accurate, helping the students to strengthen their basics and with their preparation for exams.
  3.     Develops the ability to solve questions with ease: Students can clarify their doubts and queries with the help of NCERT Books Class 11 Physics solutions. The solutions are explained in a comprehensive way and relevant and easy examples are provided along with it. All the complex topics and concepts have been simplified and explained in these solutions to make learning much more fun and easier. At the end of each topic, practice questions are provided which the students must practice scoring better in the chapters. NCERT solutions will save students precious time and give quick and effective revision during exam times.
  4.     Helps achieve positive results: To make students understand effortlessly, solutions are combined with proper illustrations and examples. Preparing from NCERT solutions will help to boost confidence among the students and help them to excel in the board examination. By providing sufficient examples for practice, students can increase their conceptual understanding of all topics. Students are advised to practice all types of questions to get the desired results. Practicing all the NCERT problems will make the students’ overall preparation easier, better, and quick.
  5.     Includes important questions at the end of every chapter: There are some important questions provided by the NCERT solution to help the students learn, practice, and increase confidence during their preparations. Objectives, diagram-based, short and long type questions, etc are available at the end of every chapter which is useful for board exams.
  6.     Do not skip any questions or topics: It is highly recommended for the students not to skip practicing any questions or topics that are important from an exam point of view. It is also required for them to solve all the questions given in the textbook along with the exemplar problems. They should refer to the NCERT solutions to verify if their answer is right or wrong.
  7.     Practice and revise regularly: To crack any kind of exam, one must practice diligently. It is compulsory for the students to practice daily and revise frequently all the topics for them to score well in the exams. Practicing these NCERT solutions becomes essential as it provides the students with a variety of questions to practice which will further help them to attempt any kind of question that will be asked in the exam. It will also help the students increase their accuracy and speed. Practicing and revising will also reduce fear and boost confidence to appear for the exam.
  8.     Practice previous papers and mock tests: Students are advised to practice at least the past 5 years’ previous papers and mock tests to analyze how well they have prepared for the exam. This will also help them to get an idea of how the question paper will be designed. Going through the previous papers will help them to analyze the repeated topics that are been asked in the exam and will get to know the important topics. Mock tests will help the students to increase their speed, accuracy, and manage time.
  9.     Estimate your preparation level: NCERT solutions will surely help the students to analyze their preparation level and understanding of concepts. It will also help them to identify the areas they are weak in and will provide them with additional guidance to help them to improve in those areas.
  10. Improve writing skills: NCERT solutions will also help the students to gain an idea on how to frame answers in the board exams according to the marks’ weightage. Writing accurate and error-free answers are very important to score extra marks. Students are advised to practice answer writing as it will help them to improve accuracy as well as it will help them to remember answers for a long time.
  11. Finally, referring to the NCERT textbook and its solutions is highly sufficient for the exam preparation as most of the questions that are asked in the exam are derived from the NCERT textbooks.

Board exams can be stressful but not too hard to crack it. Students just need to work smartly by strictly following a proper study plan and completing daily their targets. Students can secure high marks with the help of NCERT solutions when they thoroughly learn the textbook. It is advised to take breaks during your study hours and have sufficient sleep. It is recommended to not use mobile phones much as they can be of great distraction. Meditation will also help the students to increase concentration.

All the best for your board exams.

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