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ICSE Maths tips to score more than 90 in class 8

by Byrne Anderson
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To go with the word of the mouth and by properly analyzing the papers of ICSE, one can simply conclude that indeed ICSE is not a simple board altogether. If you wish to score high in the exam you would need to work hard with dedication. It is also a common notion that ICSE is tougher than CBSE. But If you are from the ICSE board you should not fear as at the end of the day what really matters is a strong hold on concepts, practice and thorough study from the start. Also, having doubt clarification is equally important. Talking about Maths many students find it challenging but the thing to note is it is quite a scoring subject as there is no theory.

Whether CBSE or ICSE, Scoring above 90 especially in a subject like Maths may seem like a  difficult aim for many but definitely not impossible. You only need a few clever tips and tricks to score high. If you are from the ICSE board and your mission is to score really high marks in the exams, here are a few tips that you should really focus on and make the most of them for scoring superbly well

Tips and tricks to score more than 90 in ICSE 8th class Maths exam:-

Know the important topics

Since your aim is to score more than 90 marks in your exam, the very first thing to do is understand your syllabus and highlight the topics that carry high weightage. These are the topics that you don’t want to compromise on whether it is about conceptual clarity, practice or revision. Make sure you give ample time to these subjects that too on priority. The other thing to make sure of is to get your doubts sorted for these topics as you will find the most questions from them.

Get highly reliable maths solution book for class 8th

One of the prerequisites of studying well and giving your preparation an edge is by having a highly credible and reliable Maths solution book. ICSE Selina Class 8 Maths Solution is one book that you must possess. This book will help you in a lot of ways. You should first try to revise the solutions from the book before practising on your own. Also, if you feel stuck you can refer to the solution and get it solved. ICSE Selina maths solution book for class 8 is a must-have. Its explanation is easy to understand and it provides authentic knowledge.

Give time to your weak areas

For scoring 90 plus marks in your exams, you do need to conquer your weak dreams. Becoming an exceptional performer Zionist on all majority of topics becomes a necessity when the aim is so high. You may also encounter a question of high marks in your exam from your weak areas so from the point of scoring also it is highly essential to put your best foot forward in every question. Make a list of topics where you lack and get them clarified from your tutor or teacher at the earliest.

Make worksheet and practice a lot

Having worksheets is also important for revision and practice sessions. Curate a worksheet or get it curated on time for your exams. The worksheet should hold all the important questions from the point of view of ICSE 8th class Maths. The worksheet should be based on the pattern of ICSE exams. This way you will be able to get used to answering questions in the exact pattern as asked in the exam. So, inculcate the habit of a worksheet in your preparation time.

Fix your time to solve Maths question everyday

If you are in the habit of answering and solving questions every day it is highly possible that you will not feel the burden on the exam day. Many times students get tired of solving the question paper because they haven’t practised enough. Solving questions on the time when your actual exam will occur will also help. Try to spend 2 to 3 hours solving maths questions every day as you will be spending equal hours even on the exam day.

Complete the syllabus 3 months prior to exams

Not completing the syllabus on time can backfire on you in many ways. It can make you feel anxious and under confident. With lesser time and more syllabus you will end up feeling motivated even for appearing for the exam. On the contrary, if you complete your syllabus on time you will feel confident from within. Also, if you complete your syllabus on time you will be able to give more time for revision and practice which is very crucial for exams. So make sure you complete your syllabus on time and start focussing on important topics and questions.

Solve a lot of sample papers

Sample papers are based on the previous year questions and as well as on the pattern followed in the exam. This is why it is crucial to solving sample papers as much as possible. From conceptual clarity to practice sessions make sure you are doing everything because only these things can make a difference. By solving sample papers you can also know about the areas that need your more focus. So, do try to follow this trick as much as you can.


To conclude, ICSE Maths is something that you need to really put your hard work into. If you are passionate enough to study for your exams then into your preparations you can add these above-mentioned tips and tricks as these are proven to help students study in a productive and effective way. Do not panic in any way and make sure that you have given yourself enough time to prepare for the exam. Also, try to maintain your calm and have 8-9 hours of sleep as this will help you to remain focused and not feel nervous before or during the exam. Also always eat healthily and be as positive as you can be. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming exams.

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