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How to Add a Spark to Your Brand with a Media Wall for Your Business Promotion?

by Byrne Anderson
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Most modern events use media walls or photo walls to have dedicated backdrops for photo opportunities. They make excellent backdrops that show off your brand or your event’s sponsors, encourage photo opportunities, and complement your event’s theme without taking attention away from your guests and event. Although creating a media wall may sound as simple as printing a large banner with logos as the design, it takes careful planning and strategy to make it work for your brand and effectively promote your business.

Common mistakes done with media walls.

Poorly designed media walls come with too many logos or have misplaced designs. At times, unflattering lighting may ruin their design. You must ensure a high-quality and visually appealing media wall worthy of becoming a backdrop for photos while effectively promoting your brand or your sponsors. With this in mind, you’ll want to work with an established and experienced manufacturer of custom media walls in Australia. Their team will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind look for your media walls and ensure delivery in time for your event.

What are the options?

As you explore the options in media walls, you’ll discover options like straight media backdrops, curved backdrop walls, magnetic pop-ups, and fabric pop-up displays. Some companies offer fabric arch displays for added flair to your event reception or entrance. Whichever you choose, ensure that the design is printed on wrinkle-resistant polyester stretch fabric using a full-colour dye sublimation method.

You can get a media wall in four standard sizes. You can order multiple ones and set them up together to create a larger backdrop, which may be necessary for red carpet events. Some manufacturers can also provide LED lights to make your display pop and photograph well.

Designing your media walls

With the right design, media walls can make your brand stand out and be memorable. Remember to design them in a way that can make the best first impression on prospects without making them hog the spotlight from your event or guests. Remember that their purpose is to provide exposure to your brand, your event, and/or your event’s sponsors. So, avoid over-complicated and overcrowded designs with plenty of repetitions or logos, and steer clear of distracting and busy graphics.

Less is more!

A basic design can have a solid colour background with a few repeating logos of your brand and sponsors. It should be easy to observe and effectively put some spotlight on your sponsors and brand.

Positioning and location matter

Set up your media wall in a spot that gets plenty of foot traffic or at the entrance, so everyone can take a minute to have their photos taken. Ensure adequate lighting to allow people and the backdrop to show well in photos and videos. Media walls can also serve as a centrepiece to indicate the entrance to your venue.

Make it social media-friendly

Maximise your event’s reach and engagement by designing your media wall in a way that engages and encourages people to take photos and upload them to social media. Event guests that post pictures or videos with your branded backdrop can help extend the longevity of your brand messaging and event’s impact.

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