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 Health insurance coverage for daycare treatments and procedures

by Byrne Anderson
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Human life has always been fragile and volatile. But with new lifestyles and technology, we have evolved as humans. Safety has become an important thing for everyone, and hence, health insurance is an essential component of today’s day and age. When we talk about something as important as a healthcare policy or a mediclaim plan, we have to talk about the intricacies of the concept.

While traditional medical insurance plans have standard provisions and add-ons such as hospitalisation coverage, critical illness insurance, and coverage for important surgeries, with leading insurers like Tata AIG, there are additional small riders, add-ons, or policies that offer financial and facility services for smaller causes.

These are usually called daycare treatments and procedures. Nowadays, these policies have become prevalent because treatments and procedures have become an important part of healthcare.

These add-ons have various benefits and are important for our day-to-day life and non-critical treatments. When you are in the process of buying an online health insurance policy, you will require detailed information regarding such topics.

This blog talks about the importance and a list of commonly covered daycare treatments and procedures.

 Day Care Treatment In Health Insurance

Daycare treatments and procedures are also called ambulatory or outpatient procedures. The treatments are complete in a few hours, allowing patients to return home on the same day as daycare treatments. This term refers to treatments or surgeries that do not require an overnight stay at the hospital.

When we talk about daycare treatments in the context of health insurance plans, the policies provide some facilities that cater specifically to these short-term medical treatments. The term in such policies that covers the daycare treatments creates provision for medical expenses incurred during the daycare treatments and procedures.

 List of Daycare Treatments Covered in Health Insurance

Organ Treatments
Eyes ●        Cataract

●        Removal Of foreign bodies and anything related to your eyes

●        Incisions on tear glands

●        Incision of deceased eyelids

●        Corrective surgeries for blepharoptosis

Nose ●        Excision of diseased tissues

●        Sinus

●        Foreign body removal from the nose

●        Any other operations on the nose

Different Parts of Ear ●        Stapedectomy

●        Any treatments related to stapedectomy

●        Operations on the auditory ossicles

●        Operations for revision on tympanoplasty

●        Microsurgery on the middle ear

●        Myringotomy

●        Mastoidectomy

●        Reconstruction surgeries

●        Other surgeries on inner ears

Mouth and Tongue ●        Glossectomy

●        Palatoplasty

●        Reconstruction surgeries

●        Other operations for tongue and mouth health

●        Incision or excision of diseased tissue of the tongue and mouth

●        Surgeries related to external parts like the jaw and face

Internal Neck Organs ●        Tonsil’s surgery (tonsillectomy)

●        Excision or removal of lingual tonsil

●        Incision, excision, or removal of diseased tissues of the salivary duct and gland

●        Reconstruction surgeries of the salivary duct and gland

●        Other operations related to the salivary glands, the salivary ducts, and the tonsils

Skin ●        Chemosurgery on the skin

●        Skin transplantation

●        Removal of diseased tissues on the skin

Others ●        Hernia repair

●        Endoscopy

●        Colonoscopy

●        Laparoscopic surgeries

●        Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

●        Any kind of small dental surgery and procedures

●        Gastro

●        Prostate

●        Piles Surgery

●        Sexual organ surgeries

●        Sclerotherapy

●        Liver-related smaller surgeries

●        Treatments related to bones

Note that this list may vary from insurer to insurer and it is advisable to go through the policy document to understand your policy’s exact coverage scope.

 Importance of Daycare Treatments and Procedures

  •  Convenient

This provision of daycare treatment coverage offers the advantage of minimal disturbance to your day-to-day life. The policyholders can access necessary medical interventions without the long procedures of hospitalisation. This allows the patients to return to their normal lives quicker than usual.

  •  Cost-Efficient

Daycare procedures and treatments are generally more money-saving than the standard treatments that take more than a day to complete. When you include this coverage in your health insurance plan, you can manage your medical expenses more efficiently. It covers the costs of these short and quicker treatments that are otherwise substantial financial burdens.

  •  Cashless Treatments

The cashless hospitalisation or treatment add-on is an important addition to your health insurance policy as it is. The daycare procedure and treatments add-on allows you to access cashless treatment.

  •  Peace of Mind

The daycare procedure and treatment coverage offer peace of mind to the policyholder because it avoids cost-consuming facilities and services and goes for the time-efficient and cost-effective ways of treatments.

  •  Tax Benefits

Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, the policy premium you pay for the daycare health treatment coverage is deductible from the total taxable amount. This leads to a reduced payable tax amount.


Daycare treatment coverage ensures financial assistance for any potential medical intervention in the future. It also promotes an approach that keeps the patient at the epicentre of the treatment.

It does minimum damage to your daily life and causes fewer disruptions. It ultimately contributes to the well-being and financial security of the policyholders and their families.

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