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David Marom and The Horizon Group and Their Impact on the Community

by Byrne Anderson
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A crane and some architectural plans.

Launched in 1985, The Horizon Group has completed several real estate projects around the greater New York City area. With a home base in Brooklyn, they work on residential and commercial properties.

David Marom, the man behind The Horizon Group, jumped into real estate when he first arrived in the United States. He hasn’t looked back, making The Horizon Group a well-respected firm with humble beginnings. With each new project, he’s strived to build off past success and create something unique.

How The Horizon Group Started

Born in Israel, David Marom moved to the United States in his early 20s. After working in real estate and construction with his father-in-law, he devised an idea to launch The Horizon Group. Combined with the construction arm of the company, Britt Realty, it’s a full-service firm.

Despite considerable growth, David Marom and The Horizon Group stay rooted in providing excellent relationships within the community and finding the best opportunities possible. Quality is the selling point for Marom, not quantity. They have more than 30 completed projects, with more on the way.

Standout Projects Developed by The Horizon Group

A few projects stand out from the rest at The Horizon Group. Their team is focused on identifying great locations for their buildings and providing a unique twist with every completed project. David Marom is proud of all the projects, but these four stand out.

1510 Gates

The 112-foot residential building is the tallest in the neighborhood. Described as luxury Bushwick residences, the building’s height is not the only way it’s recognizable. There’s also a very different-looking façade that embraces the uniqueness of Brooklyn. Murals take up large sections of the wall, paying homage to Bushwick’s celebrated graffiti culture. 

The residences at 1510 Gates are known for being spacious, well-lit, and right in the heart of a lively neighborhood. There are also plenty of amenities available to the residents.

During the summer, outdoor activities are possible with a roof deck and grilling. The residences are large and help people feel like they have their own space and don’t feel jam-packed into their units.

264 Webster

Going with a more contemporary look, the 264 Webster location is a perfect condominium option in Kensington, Brooklyn. There’s a rooftop terrace for outdoor activities and the fitness center is top-notch. 264 Webster offers one of the best combinations of value and space in the Greater New York City area.

A total of 63 units make up 264 Webster. It’s quickly turned into one of the best values on the market for those not wanting to put up with the struggle of an older building. This location also receives excellent feedback as a quiet neighborhood still in the heart of everything New York City has to offer.

378 Weirfield

378 Weirfield is built to stand out in a part of the city that is known for its originality. The residences are sophisticated and minimalist while also providing all of the amenities tenants dream about.

The residences are designed with color schemes and finishes that illuminate the space helping to make it bright and beautiful. 378 Weirfield offers several amenities, including a storage room, bike storage, dog park, rooftop with a kitchen and seating, yoga room, and a fitness center.

378 Weirfield is in the perfect location. The residences have easy access to bars, restaurants, parks and venues. Located just a half block away from the residences is the L train. All in all, 378 Weirfield is a great location. 

61 Rivington

When it first went up as a building, it was a Downtown branch of the New York Public Library. Now close to 120 years old, David Marom and The Horizon Group have added some modern amenities while reusing some of its original architecture.

Eleven exclusive homes are inside The Library, and it’s one of the most creative projects completed by the company. The homes take advantage of natural light opportunities as much as possible to add to their uniqueness.

What’s Next for the Horizon Group?

A measuring tape that is used by David Marom and The Horizon Group.

David Marom has shown no signs of slowing down as a real estate developer. He feels like The Horizon Group is in a great place right now, and opportunities continue to present themselves to the company.

There’s a specific process when going through any property and figuring out if it’s worth the investment. Finding standout opportunities takes time. Marom has always been about making sure each of his projects creates a positive experience for the community.

The last few projects completed by David Marom and The Horizon Group show that there is more to focus on residential real estate than commercial currently. That can always change, but with the high demand in the greater New York City area, it makes sense to create living opportunities. Each project attempts to find what can make it different from what’s currently offered in the area.

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