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7 Different Types of Print Marketing Materials to Grow Your Brand

by Byrne Anderson
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Were you aware that print marketing materials are some of the best ways to grow a business?

When starting a business, many owners struggle to advertise it. Instead of gaining customers without spending much, they end up dumping most of their savings into advertisements that don’t attract an audience. However, print marketing is a solution for those that don’t want to spend much.

Print marketing revolves around making physical items with your brand’s information. These items can be shown to your target audience, making people learn about your business. You’ll want to focus on print marketing materials when starting a business because they’ll ensure you attract a local audience.

Keep on reading to learn about seven print marketing materials to grow your brand!

  1. Business Cards

Out of all the types of print marketing strategies, many businesses focus on creating business cards because of how simple they are. With a business card, you can provide contact information to customers, letting you grow your audience.

Business cards are effective because they’re small and don’t require much. All you must do is make a sleek design and include things like your business’s logo, phone number, and email. From there you can hand them out to customers whenever they’re interested in your services or products.

Customers can also pass the business cards along to others, turning your business cards into free advertisements.

  1. Posters

If you want to use some traditional print marketing materials, posters are highly effective. You can place posters in your area to attract local customers without having to pay for advertising space.

You can also use large banners to hang across your building, grabbing the attention of your target audience. Posters and banners are often made with large graphics so that businesses can show off certain products. Whenever you want to advertise something specific, you can put together a design that makes the product stand out.

  1. Brochures

Brochures are similar to business cards in that they’re small enough to be handed out to customers. However, what makes brochures unique is that they can provide a plethora of information because of how much space they have.

When using brochures, you can include both images and information about a product. This allows you to talk about several things so that customers can get a better understanding of what your business is about.

Like you would with business cards, you can hand brochures out to people. However, you must ensure you have a nice design or else people won’t read them.

Designing a brochure revolves around including useful information without overwhelming the reader. You must use colorful images, larger text, and include details about the product you’re showing. It’s also best to include info about the services you offer.

  1. Postcards

If you want to take a more direct marketing approach, you can make postcards. These can be sent to customers via mail. However, you can also offer a postcard service to allow customers to send them to others. If you include your company’s logo, you’ll quickly spread brand awareness as the cards circulate.

What makes a postcard an effective print marketing material is that it doesn’t cost much and can make customers feel noticed. You can easily acquire customers’ addresses by having them sign up for services. From there, you can send postcards often to keep reminding them of things that you’re offering.

  1. Envelopes

An envelope is another effective print marketing material because it doesn’t act as a direct advertisement, but it includes info about your business. You can put a logo on the envelope and send anything.

Whenever you send things to customers, use custom envelopes so that they know exactly who it’s from as soon as they see it. These envelopes can also be sold to customers so that you can spread brand awareness while also profiting.

  1. Apparel

Any time a smaller business wants to grow, making branded apparel is one of the best things to do to get quick results. Branded apparel is especially useful for businesses that want to attract local audiences because you can wear it whenever you go out.

Some of the most common branded apparel items are shirts, hoodies, and hats. Like many other print marketing materials, you can sell these to customers. However, what makes them unique from other materials is that they can benefit customers.

  1. Branded Products

Aside from making branded apparel, you can also make other branded products that can benefit customers while also promoting your business. Things like chargers can include your logo, helping you spread your image and giving customers something to use daily.

When making branded products, you should focus on things that are functional for your business. Whether it’s a phone charger or a pen, the products should be able to be used by the customer.

You can test branded products by starting with things like coffee mugs or pens. If you see that many people are buying them, you can expand and offer different types of products. Using marketing printing services will help you make products without breaking the bank.

Start Using These Print Marketing Materials Today

After reading this article, you now know about a variety of print marketing materials that’ll help you see quick growth. We encourage anyone that wants to expand their business to start using several of these strategies because it’s best to use several together.

Start with something simple like branded apparel. You can then start using different types of print marketing materials as you become more confident in your approach.

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